Casino gaming is one of the ancient activities in most countries in the world. Portugal in particular has a rich history in gambling which dates back to the First World War. Due to the sole reason for making profits, casinos have held on to too many unknown secrets to many players.

Some of the questions that might be on your mind might be “are casino games rigged?” “Are there things that casinos are hiding from me?” The secrets either exist to lure you into spending more money in the casino or even spend more time in the casino. According to our expert Martim Nabeiro, here is a qualitative review of the six casino secrets such premises never want you to know.

Slot Machines Are Placed Strategically

Slot games are among the most popular in both land-based and online casinos. The popularity of slot machines is attributed to the ease of playing slot games as no skill or strategy is required. You are only required to press buttons and wait for the machine to determine if you are a winner or not. Land-based casinos take advantage of the popularity of slot machines by placing them strategically with the sole aim of making maximum profits from them.

The designers and architects carefully analyze their casinos and set the slot machines in areas that experience high human traffic. Locations with high human traffic are ideal for placing premium slots that receive high wages from players in the casino. Slot machines that receive significantly fewer wagers from casino patrons are carefully placed at the back as they do not guarantee quick profits compared to premium slots.

No Wall clocks or Windows

Casinos have held this secret for such a long time. You can never hope into a casino with a large wall clock that displays what time it is. There are also no big windows that clearly show when the sun is setting or nighttime.

The reason for the secret is simple. The casino doesn’t want you to keep track of the time you spent playing. Casino gaming immerses you into the activity so much that you lose track of time. The longer you spend in the casino means more money spent in the house, which is an advantage to them.

However, you can keep track of time when you are playing in modern online casinos. Some of these platforms will even let you set timers so that you don’t play for longer than you had intended. Portuguese players are always on the lookout for reputable sites with high ratings at casino online em portugal.

Blackjack, Roulette, and Craps Have Lower House Edges

It may be unknown to many casino players that roulette, craps, and Blackjack have lower house edges than other games. The house edge is simply the house advantage that the casino has such that a guaranteed amount of your deposit will remain in the casino.

Previous research has it that the games have an average 97% Return to player percentage, which means that for every $100 invested, you are guaranteed to receive $97 in the long run. It also means that the house edge for the games is lower than 3%.

Background Music

Have you noticed that there is always some background music running every time you are in a casino? The music is one secret that the casinos have used for ages now. Casino developers are well knowledgeable in psychology, and as such, they understand the impact of music on the human brain. Our brain is wired to adapt to different surroundings, mainly through music. That is why the casino background music keeps playing to help you adapt to the casino environment, which enhances your stay in the casino.

Security is Always Watching You

It is unknown to many gamblers that security is always on the lookout in a casino. Some casinos go to the extent of hiring security personnel who disguise themselves as players to enhance the casino’s security. In the event of winning, security carefully scrutinizes you to ensure you did not cheat to attain your winning.

Bonuses Offered Do Not Make Losses for the Casino

Online casinos mostly have multiple bonus offers for new players. Most online casino players tend to think that the bonuses are losses on the casino side. What is unknown to them is that the rewards do not affect the casino funds as they are sure you will be interested in their casino, and in the long run, they will recover the amount used for the bonus.

There are many casino players’ card secrets that one can use to win. However, you must also observe responsible gambling if you want to win.