Technology has so evolved these days that you have better means of communication like social media tools. Unlike these communication tools, which now includes employee apps and chatbots, email is still regarded the most important means of communication in business. Being an effective marketing tool, most information in business is still shared through email.   There are about 4 billion email users in the world, and it is expected to reach around 4.6 billion by 2025, which shows that 376 billion emails will be sent every day.

For businesses, email is an effective way of communication with their clients or customers. They get the first impression about your business, brand or product through email. With professional email you can enhance your brand image, and for that, you need a reliable email hosting service. If your business is based in UK, you can promote your business identity through the best email hosting UK service. They offer you a safe, secure and high speed email hosting network.

With several email hosting providers in the UK, you find it easy to get a suitable one at an affordable price. Some of them are renowned for quick and easy setup and fast delivery using SD technology-enabled email servers. They also provide other important benefits like:

  • More storage space

Your business will need more storage space as it develops, and a dependable email hosting service provider UK can offer you the required storage space through various email hosting plans. If you have a small business or a startup, you may need a basic plan with an email storage space of 5 GB or less.  As your business grows, you can opt for a premium or unlimited plan, offering 25 GB or unlimited storage space.

When it comes to choosing a reliable email hosting UK provider, you need to ensure whether they offer you much flexibility in changing from one plan to the other to either increase or decrease the storage space. Furthermore, they should also help you have customized storage space per mail box and extra storage space, if needed.

  • Security and protection

Your business emails should be protected from malware attacks. The best email service providers in the UK offer you email servers with industry-standard encryption and security measures. When you log into your business email account, from that moment the information you convey through the servers is completely protected through encryption. With the email servers backed by 128-bit encryption, the email hosting companies UK protect your inbox from spams and viruses. Thus, your messages are protected from anyone intercepting them.

  • Secure POP, IMAP and SMTP access

With safe and secure accessibility to email client via POP, SMTP, or IMAP, a UK email hosting provider helps protect your business information. Using it, the whole email traffic from the email server to the email client is encrypted and the login details are also verified.

  • Save time and resources

If your business email accounts are taken care of by the email hosting company, you save a lot of time and resources, which you can use them to develop your business.

  • Better performance and productivity

Your business email account can be accessed from any place through your personal computer, laptop, mobile phone and desktop clients like Mac Mail or Outlook. This helps you unceasingly interact with your clients, customers, suppliers and any other people connected to your business, which in turn leads to higher performance and productivity.

  • Efficient customer support

Unlike the free email hosting service, the paid service attend any issues related to email promptly. You can always find someone answering to your queries, thus providing maximum uptime and round-the-clock customer support.

Keeping in mind the above benefits, opting for best email hosting UK service helps your business develop faster.