There are plenty of professions that most people have never heard of in their lives. In addition, due to technological advances and the growing needs of people, the range of these special crafts is expanding. We show you the most interesting occupations and also how much you can mow with them.

Most people have never heard of professions such as volcanologist, urban planner, or light duplicator, though these are just some of the more special occupations. Different research centers have now gathered the most interesting crafts and you will be surprised to hear them.

Master brewer

For those who love beer anyway, brewing may be one of the best jobs in the world. Of course, the work is not just about tasting beer, in addition to performing the professional and managerial tasks of a brewery, you have to work on creating new flavors, and you also have to lead the testing. Brewing training is also available almost anywhere, where you can learn, among other things, small-scale brewing, beer trade, basic legal and tax knowledge, and beer history.


Fairy-tale hero

Although there is no special training for this job, it doesn’t hurt to have some acting or dancing experience. To get this job, one has to go to an audition first, where they focus primarily on physical coordination, movement, and attitude, but good communication skills are also important. Most of the time these kinds of jobs are required at places like Disneyland.


Video game tester

One of the best jobs in the world is video game testing, as who wouldn’t want to try out video games before anyone else? There are applications where there is enough for a high school diploma, but in most places, an IT degree is required. In addition to testing, suggestions should be made for the development of toys, and toys made by competing manufacturers should also be tested. However, anyone involved in this should have a pretty good experience in playing video games. And I’m not talking about internet games like playing on online casino platforms, you should have experience in the latest video games innovations and trends.


To be a volcanologist, you need a high level of knowledge in geology, earth sciences, chemistry, and geography, so you should definitely get a degree in one of these. As a volcanologist, one can not only be a university professor but also engage in a variety of research that can help governments even reduce natural hazards. The job includes, among other things, studying dormant, active and extinct volcanoes, and predicting possible eruptions, which is important just because the lives of many people can be saved with an accurate forecast.

Feng shui consultant

Feng shui – literally – “wind and water” is an ancient Chinese tradition that seeks to determine the most appropriate habitat by analyzing the surrounding landscape and terrain. To do this, you need to take courses, after which the Feng Shui consultant can help people to harmonize their place of residence.


In addition to chemical and biochemical knowledge, perfume-making also requires a very sophisticated sense of smell. The main task of a perfumer is to create fragrances, which is no small job, as creating a fragrance can take up to 0.5-1.5 years. This is a very rare profession, for example, there is usually only one perfumer per smaller country in Europe.


Gardening has a healing effect on many, and it is not in vain that this type of therapy exists to help patients recover physically and spiritually. In therapeutic landscape planning, they create an environment for people with reduced mobility, the blind, the visually impaired, and other disabilities that meet their needs and adapt to their condition. It is also necessary for this work to take part in certain training, in addition to the basic knowledge of horticulture and gardening, it is also worthwhile to be aware of the therapeutic programs. This type of therapy is mainly used by rehabilitation clinics, hospitals, and psychiatry.

Light stand-in

The light stand-in replaces the actor during film shootings and theatrical rehearsals while the lights are adjusted. No education is required for this, one of the most important criteria is that the height and other external properties of the light skin are the same as the actor.

Chocolate tasting

Chocolate tasting is a separate profession, similar to the sommelier. In addition to taste perception, touch and smell are especially important during the tasting. A chocolate-tasting professional must have a sophisticated taste in order to be able to differentiate each chocolate and classify the flavors.

City planner

According to the Unified Classification of Occupations, settlement and transport planning engineers are engaged in the establishment, operation, and development of transport systems used in the fields of rail, road, water, and air passenger, and freight transport, among others. In addition, they prepare a strategy, conduct research, and provide advice on urban planning.

Personal stylist

If we really don’t know what clothes are right for us or what to wear for a particular occasion, they will help us with personal counseling. However, the prices are quite peppery, in the case of buying clothes at home (delivery of pre-arranged clothes to your home).