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Playing casino outside gamstop means playing for luck. Every person who opens the site or the doors of a gambling club clearly understands that the outcome depends on Fortune, and nothing else. Therefore, among the players, you can find a lot of superstitious people.

Some of them study and apply various “systems and schemes for winning”, and some belief in peculiar omens and superstitions. If you “dig deeper”, it turns out that Fortune can be “called” in a variety of ways.

A little about superstitious gamblers

People who believe in omens can only play at a “special” table or put on their “lucky” jackets. Some watch the game from the sidelines for several hours in a row, waiting for the “right moment”, and only then join the game.

For example, Dostoevsky. According to historical records, he could wander around the tables for hours, looking for “that very place.” And, if he did find the “cherished chair”, then he sat down to play and even won.

There is a category of players who cut a deck of cards exclusively with their left hand, and they need to rub a chip on the edge of the table before putting it on the line. Moreover, they place their chips in front of them not just like that, but in a “special” way, which brings them good luck.

The male half of the players takes women with them to the game as a “talisman of luck”. Moreover, the representative of the fair half should be near the table throughout the entire game, and be silent all the time.

Managers, dealers, pit bosses – this “category” of people in the casino has their superstitious principles, because they, too, are determined to please Fortune and get their well-deserved tip.

Perhaps you have noticed how someone is constantly winning at a certain table, and at one “fine” moment, a waitress passing by him, “drops a tray of drinks. “Oh, sorry, could you change seats while I clean up here?”

In a casino, all players are rivals, and they have a ton of all sorts of tricks to lure Fortune over to their side. For example, many dealers insert a certain talisman into their badge: a photo of a girl, a banknote, etc.

Of course, signs with superstitions have nothing to do with a competent game strategy and its rules. But, it is impossible to completely avoid their influence, because even very experienced, professional players have them.

Let’s consider the most popular ones.

“This is to win”

  • If you meet a child at the entrance to the casino (or even indoors), then you cannot avoid losing;
  • For a dealer, small bills on the table promise a serious failure, so many players always put coins near them;
  • Before you start playing, you need to find the “luckiest” player, then wait until he leaves, and quickly sit in his place;
  • If the player constantly loses, then it is better not to sit at his place (and even the table) at all, under no circumstances;
  • You need to choose the table where the dealer is constantly losing;
  • If on the way to casino not on gamstop free spins     , you have a sincere indifference in your soul (“I’ll lose – and to hell with him!”), Then you are more likely to be lucky in the game. Moreover, this is why many say that “beginners are lucky” because they simply do not yet understand what they are going to do;
  • When playing roulette, you need to place your chips on top of the chips of the most successful player;
  • The money that you want to spend on the game should be put in a separate pocket, and before the game itself, mentally say goodbye to them. After all, Fortune values ​​lightness;
  • If you tip the dealer in the form of a chip, and he knocks it on the table 7 times, this will also bring you good luck in the upcoming game.


“This is to lose”

  • If you lend money to someone during the game, it will bring a series of failures;
  • Empty plates or glasses on the gambling table are another reason for losing;
  • Giving a tip without waiting for the end of the game is a bad omen;
  • A very bad omen is a situation when someone wishes you good luck (and it is absolutely bad – if you win) before going to the casino;
  • Do not stare at yourself in the mirror before playing;

And if you play with borrowed or stolen money, then this is a 100% guarantee of losing!

Of course, everything that is written above is nothing more than conventions invented by the players. None of these signs have been confirmed, but not refuted either. Therefore, all this can be compared with the signs of a black cat running across your path, or a woman with an empty bucket.

Let the faces of the skeptics shine with a smile. But, you should never forget that Fortune is a woman who is capricious and even unpredictable. She loves sincere, courageous, frivolous players.

And when the time comes, she will smile at you

Gamblers, in addition to signs, will also be entrusted with a variety of talismans with amulets. Moreover, it often happens that a person changes before our eyes beyond recognition, and his actions are not explained. But, surprisingly, they win.


Probably every more or less experienced casino amateur player has his own “lucky” numbers. Usually, these numbers mean something really important to a person – the date of the wedding or birth of the baby, age, or just a favorite number.

There is a separate category of players who, immediately before the game itself, are everywhere looking for “signs” that seem to “hint” that luck will surely smile on them if today they decide to place a bet

Some other players are accustomed to making so-called “lucky bets”, which do not depend on the type of gambling. That is, for example, they believe that exactly $ 77 can bring them a win.