The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Better Gamer

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Are you a gamer who’s looking to up your skill level? Maybe you’re a beginner who wants to know how to play competitively? No matter what your situation and goals are, this guide is here to help you.

Becoming a better gamer doesn’t happen magically overnight. It requires a reasonable amount of time, persistence, and effort.

If you think you’re capable of that, then great – let’s run through some tips and tricks to get you started.

Learn from eSports players

eSports is a huge global industry, and is primed to (one day) take over traditional sports.

In case you didn’t know, eSports is legitimate competition that takes place over video games. For example, there are many Fortnite leagues and tournaments in which players compete for real money and prizes – it’s no joke!

Despite many sceptics at the beginning, eSports has grown to become a serious global force. Now, video gaming isn’t just considered to be a hobby – it’s a real sport.

This is amazing, as eSports give people the opportunity to watch and learn from the best players around the world. Let’s say you’re a huge Fortnite fan (who isn’t?). You can watch upcoming tournaments and see the different strategies that pro players use. Ultimately, this will help to improve your game.

Even better, you can bet on eSports for some extra fun. Learn how to bet on esports.

Purchase a high-quality headset

A gamer is nothing without a high-quality, affordable headset.

When you’re in-game, you need to hear every minor sound to compete at your maximum level. This is particularly important in games like Call of Duty and Resident Evil where sound is key.

Right now, the headset market for consoles and handheld devices is booming. There are lots of trusty brands you can choose from, such as Turtle Beach and Logitech. Make sure to go for a headset with comfortable ear pads and an adjustable microphone.

Change your settings

Every gamer is different when it comes to in-game settings. From screen brightness levels to controller functions, there’s a whole lot to customise and tinker with.

Make sure to adapt the settings to your specific needs. For example, if you’re someone with sensitive eyes, you should be aiming to keep your screen brightness at a minimum. Some consoles and smartphones also offer the option to turn on a ‘night light’, which prevents any blue light from your screen harming your eyes.

Team up with other players

Many games, like Battlefield, are heavily centred around teamwork and squad play. This provides the opportunity to talk with your fellow teammates over a microphone, and potentially befriend them. From here, you can play regularly with your new friends and watch how they play to learn new tricks and strategies.

Stay hydrated

A natural part of gaming is that you’re stationary most of the time. Often, this leads to people forgetting to stay hydrated, as they’re simply too immersed in the action.

So, make sure to keep a big bottle of water on your desk and regularly drink from it whilst playing. This will keep your mind fresh and prevent any fatigue or headaches from happening.