Marijuana files: How do dab rigs compare to bongs?

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If you aren’t already aware of this, marijuana is a massive industry, and it has become so popular and mainstream marijuana amongst the current generation, and this is as a result of it being legalized in most parts of the world, whereas before it was a banned drug. The industry continuously adopts new kinds of technology, and as a result of this consumption habits have been changing over the past few years. With that being said, the traditional bong is still very popular amongst most people. Bongs are great, but more and more people are now being drawn to dab rigs as they are an evolution of smoking, and there are many reasons why one would choose a dab rig over a joint, which you will see soon below. If you are really curious to learn how dab rigs measure up to bongs, we will show you how in this article.


What is a bong?

Now, of course, I’m sure you’re wondering but what is a bong? Well, a bong is a device or a method of consumption that is used to smoke dry herbs, tobacco or flowers, through the method of percolation, which essentially means that they use water to filter the toxins from the smoke. So, what are the core parts that make up a bong? First and foremost, a bong is definitely a lot greater in terms of size than a dab rig and instead of a nail, it utilises a bowl piece to keep the herb. It was formed as a better alternative to smoking from a blunt or joint, as it’s a lot more traditional, and that’s why this is popular. There are many styles and shapes of bongs available at Molino Glass, and you can check them out here. Make sure to note your preferences before starting the search, or you can just go with the flow and choose whatever looks best for you at the moment.


What is a dab rig?

So, what is a dab rig? Well, a dab rig is often confused for a bong by amateur users but the two are actually very different from each other and this is as a result of the components that make up a dab rig. Unlike a bong that contains a bowl piece, a dab rig contains a nail that is heated and the concentrate, oil, or wax is inserted in it to be used.


How are they used?

It’s vital that you understand how to utilise both a bong and a dab rig as there are different products that are used with each of the instruments. With dab rigs, we understand that it is used to smoke concentrates, oils, or waxes, while when it comes to bongs, the user will have to smoke dry substances like fresh dry herbs, flowers, or tobacco. It is of course naturally a lot easier to use one instrument over the other, so a bong is great for sharing as it is a lot bigger and a dab rig is great for your own use. One thing you should remember with both bongs and dab rigs is that it is vital to clean them often to retain their quality. If you don’t clean it, then over time the quality can change.


What are the benefits?

There is definitely a big difference between dab rigs and bongs, as they use different products. The benefit of dab rigs is that they are quite potent in comparison to the latter. Dab rigs provide powerful flavors that are rich and therefore make provision for an elevated high that is not like any other. So you definitely make sure to get a lot for your money as a small amount goes a long way. The benefit of a bong on the other hand is that it is quite inexpensive, it is not difficult to set up and it is a lot more user-friendly, which allows even new users to find it easy to use. Bongs are also really great for group settings.


If you are trying to decide whether or not you should use a bong or dab rig, all you have to do is analyze what your aim is and your decision will be made for you. Do you want a light hit that can be shared amongst a group? Well, then a bong is a good option for you to choose then. DO you want a more potent hit for yourself? Then perhaps choose a dab rig.