Here’s How You Can Celebrate Your Bestfriend’s Birthday During Lockdown

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Although you may wonder what you could have planned before the global pandemic, you should now get comfortable with the idea of celebrating your friends’ birthdays in lockdown. 

Yes, the celebration may not be “normal.” Once you accept this, you will enjoy the smallest of celebrations to the fullest. 

We’ve discussed important tips to help you make your friend’s birthday an event to cherish during the pandemic.

Have a look. 


Meet Virtually

Think of the times before COVID. You would plan a party, your friends would decide a place to meet, and you all would celebrate. 

Similarly, you can consider choosing a specific time and have the party through a Zoom call or other virtual meeting apps. These apps will let you see each other’s faces. When your friends join the party online, you can start by greeting them and saying, “I’m so glad you made it to the party!”. 

From group calls, multiple screen shares and meeting recordings, you can do a lot on Zoom. 


Fun Trivia Games

Playing virtual trivia games can sometimes get boring if the theme you choose is not fun or entertaining for everyone. Therefore, when planning the trivia questions, prepare them to consider the common topics that are liked by everyone in the group.

You can ask everyone to think of some funny and silly questions about your friend. You can also ask questions about your friend’s likes, dislikes, embarrassing moments and infamous antics and see who knows them best. 


Virtual Potluck

As you plan the party, you and your friends can choose a theme or cuisine for the party to use for the potluck. When the virtual party starts, everyone can describe what they have prepared for the party.

Make sure that everyone follows the rules and does what has been decided. It will be so much fun to host a virtual potluck (Goosebumps!)


Plan a Movie Night

If you are planning a movie night, you can consider using Netflix Party. It allows multiple viewers to watch a movie at the same time. While the application is not perfect, everyone can start and stop whatever the whole group is watching. It gives you the option of a chat room for discussions.

You can plan to watch series like “Too Hot to Handle” or movies like “The Notebook”. Moreover, “Suits” and “Better Call Saul” make up some gripping shows. 

If you want to watch something about friendship, “When we first met” and “Tall girls” can be a good option as well. Oh, and not to forget – if it’s your girl best friend, don’t forget to order cute birthday gifts for her like a Photo pop-up box or a Groot Syngonium Plant. 


Plan CharadesSo, your best friend’s birthday is coming up, and you can’t celebrate it because of the pandemic. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

If you plan to have a virtual party and play virtual games, you might encounter technical problems. In such situations, the best game you can consider playing is charades. 

You can pick up common themes that everyone likes and then ask everyone to act them out in a group video chat. How fun would it be to enjoy the game that was embarrassing before the days of isolation? You guess!


Host a Talent Show

Hosting an online talent show is another great way to make the party fun and engaging. You can ask everyone to prepare a talent and then ask them to perform online in front of everyone. 

You can also ask people to give a short TED talk on a topic of their choice. Singing, preparing a dance performance and showing some magic tricks are other fun options. 


Final Word

In these terrible times of pandemic, when it is not safe to go out of the house, it will be difficult for you to make your friend’s birthday special. However, it is not impossible. There are many ways through which you can make the virtual party a great success. 

We hope that the tips we have mentioned will help in making your friend’s birthday better.