1xStavka Company Helps Make Historic Discovery

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In 2021, members of the ‘DivO’ diving club received a unique opportunity to conduct a large-scale study of the waterways of the Oryol region. High-tech underwater exploration, funded by 1xStavka, allowed the divers from Oryol to not only make important archaeological finds, but to be on the verge of actual historical discovery.

The Oka River and its tributaries have been important trade routes since ancient times. On their shores, archaeologists still find coins and other traces of human activity dating from the 1st century BC to the 10th century AD, proving the historical ties of the region to the Black Sea region and the Arab world.

Shipping goods along the rivers used to be easy both in winter and summer, and that is why tradesmen often held fairs along their banks. The rivers were also used by warriors, and cities were built at the confluence of several rivers. Therefore, it is not surprising that the ongoing research of rivers, waterways, and berths of the region is so important for the Russian historical community.

The Oryol region to this day remains an archeological and scientific blank spot of Central Russia, with some of the largest historical events still remaining shrouded in mystery. The scientific world is left groping for answers.

Thanks to the waterway study project, the members of the ‘DivO’ club can study archival materials, work with local historians and archaeologists, and hold talks with representatives of the academic organizations of the Russian Academy of Sciences regarding joint expeditions in the region – but most importantly, they are able to carry out underwater explorations and extract amazing secrets from the river depths.

The 1xStavka partner company provided the divers with modern diving equipment and high-quality search devices, which made carrying out explorations possible even in extreme winter conditions.

The most interesting stage of the project was during the expedition into the vicinity of the Muravsky Trail in the interstream area of the Krasivaya Mecha and Zusha rivers. The Muravsky Trail is the main historical road between the Crimea and Moscow, which, for many centuries, connected the south with the north, and it was heavily guarded by Moscow guards. This road was used by Sarmatians and Scythians, Pechenegs and Polovtsians, and Crimean Tatars, as well as Mamai’s army on its way to the Kulikovo Field.

The Oryol divers managed to make a truly historical discovery. In the area of the Sudbishi natural boundaries, they found traces of the battle between the Russian army of Ivan the Terrible and the Tatar troops (the Sudbishen Battle of 1555).

The explorers and their partner 1xStavka were delighted to make such a gift to their native land. Now, they hope to get support at the administrative and federal levels, especially since the President of the Russian Federation recently noted the task of preserving historical truth as one of the most important tasks facing modern society.

“Before we can talk about our current affairs and our future, we first need to get to know the history of Russia. We need to know who we are, where we came from, and what unites us,” noted Vladimir Putin.