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St. Mirren fans were treated to some great football by their beloved team this season, as Jim Goodwin’s men finished comfortably in mid-table and even made it to the semis of the Scottish Cup.

Now fans do not have long to wait till Euro 2020 kicks off, with the added bonus that Scotland will be playing some of their group games on home turf.

Meanwhile, football-mad folks will want something football related to fill the void and that is where online games come in.

Here are some of the best football or football-themed online games that the internet and app stores have to offer.


It is no longer enough to just watch or record footy on your mobile phone, with plenty of online games allowing fans to play along themselves

Footy Themed Reels and Tables

Because football is such a popular sport, attracting huge audiences no matter what level of play is being exhibited, there are a whole raft of games developers who are trying to tap into the good vibes that the beautiful game exudes.

One genre of game that is going potty for football is that of classic casino games, whose providers are doing everything they can to incorporate aspects of the sport into their games. This is leading to games like Live Football Roulette appearing online as well as classic football-themed slot games, which have long been on the scene. With plenty of free spins up for grabs at comparison websites like oddschecker, football fans will feel at home in online casinos this summer.

Online football games are a great way for fans to keep the ball rolling throughout the off-season

Have a Mobile Kick Around

There is a growing trend for avid football gamers to ditch their bulky PCs or consoles and to play on their phones instead, such is the power that many devices now pack into their slimline designs.

Many mobile games are now rising to the challenge of meeting gameplay expectations as well, with titles such as Dream League Soccer and Konami PES both playing incredibly well on Android devices.

Football Manager Mobile

Of course, no article such as this could exist without mentioning the mobile version of Football Manager, especially seeing as the 2021 edition blows the competition out the water.

Start up a campaign as St. Mirren manager, take them to the SPL title, and then conquer the Champions League with the Paisley powerhouses!