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If you are planning for your vacation in the UK in autumn, one of the best things is that some people do it more than in summer. So, you will have an advantage of scattered crowds, and the excellent season travel deals, with less traffic. If you are bothered about the weather, then do keep in mind that the British weather is unpredictable. So, do have proper packing with the right clothes and an umbrella, and you are all ready to have fun and explore, no matter what the weather is. The Autumn season is love if you adore and love the colors. The colorful leaves in the autumn will take your breath away. It’s a great season to be here in London. This usually changes its timing every year, but you will enjoy the autumn season if you are here in late October till November. 


The UK capital, London, is a great place to plan your vacation this season. Not only the fantastic season, but you can also explore everything and all the nearby destinations and places to visit here close to London. It will be a great idea as you must be known for the most famous attractions, landmarks, places, and things to do. In this article, we have to bring up a list of all the nearby places to visit in autumn in London.


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Let’s now check out all the best places to visit close to London. 


Kent in Autumn

Kent is one of the best destinations to explore in the autumn season. You quickly reach here by taking training from the significant Kings Cross underground train station. Before that, store your luggage safely here at one of the luggage storage facility providers and enjoy your traveling freely. This region is renowned for its drinks, the great wine, and cider tasting rooms.

Also, Kent is full of historic fortresses, castles, gardens, parks, and so on. There are many things to explore and see as all these places come lively with colors of autumn and look tremendously beautiful.


Pen Y Fan in Autumn

To get into nature and to get amazed by the beauty of colors, this is the favorite place among travelers and adventure lovers to visit in autumn. Here the Brecon Beacons National Park is one of the best destinations to explore in autumn in the UK.

This region is located a few miles away from London. You can reach easily by taking a train route through Kings Cross. It is the perfect spot to admire nature in Britain. 

But the one place to go in the Brecon Beacons in fall is the Pen Y Fan. It is the highest peak in South Wales and the perfect place to hike, and the most charming and attractive destination for getting on an outdoor trip. Early autumn is the best time to summit Pen Y Fan.


Cotswolds in Autumn

Next on the list of the best places to visit close to London in autumn is the Cotswolds. This region is famous for its outstanding natural beauty. Besides this, there are numerous places and destinations to visit in autumn. For example, it is the Westonbirt Arboretum. It is one of the rare and significant of its type in the UK. Its trees shatter with red, orange, and yellow hues in the fall. It’s worth planning a trip in the fall.

Beyond the leaves, there’s so much to do in Cotswolds in autumn due to the fewer crowds than in peak season.


Yorkshire Dales in Autumn

It is another top place to visit in autumn for great hikes, country walks, and challenging climbs. 

The Yorkshire Dales are ultimate for your outdoor trip in autumn, as they are less crowded than in the summer, and there is a lot of pleasing and romantic scenery to take in and make your moments unforgettable. This place offers you many things, from waterfalls to rock formations. The area has a lot more worth seeing when it comes to aesthetics.


Northumberland in Autumn

Undoubtedly it is a place to visit in summers, but don’t miss those inland areas here. They are the best to explore in the fall. Northumberland’s natural beauty comes lively, scenic, and colorful in autumn. There are many great places to witness the fall foliage and all the seasonal colors in this region of northern England.


Southern Scotland in Autumn

There are many great places up in Scotland to visit and explore along the border with England this fall. You can take the country walks in the fall in the Cheviots, explore the Jane Austen site of Gretna Green, spend a day out going to see the Traquair House, and so. It is under the UK’s radar region and is less crowded. Hence, tourists generally miss it out, but it still offers the perfect charm in the autumn season with all the seasonal colors of life!


Robin Hood’s Bay in Autumn

Last but not least, there are many places to explore near London. This Robin Hood’s Bay is one of them and is the best place to visit in the fall when it comes to the coast. It is the most beautiful and attractive village a few miles away from London. 

Robin Hood’s Bay is an excellent destination to visit and explore in the fall as the peak season crowds are gone. The village pubs are cozy and comfortable for dinners by candlelight, and the coastal walks show off stunning and voguish seasonal scenic views.


Hope this list of all the best destinations to visit in the fall will surely inspire you to travel to London!