It can be a fun, enlightening experience to have a psychic tell your fortune. Every day, millions of people turn to psychics to gain insight into their lives. But with so many to choose from online, how do you find the best one? There are different types of online psychics out there, so you need to figure out what type of reading you want before considering your options. Browsing through online psychic resources can give you a good idea of the kind of psychics available as well as the services they provide.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to find the most accurate psychic online. 

Online Psychic Websites

There are many websites that offer the type of psychic reading you want. However, finding one that is reliable is a bit tricky. Be sure to look for a list of the best psychics online with a great reputation and check the user ratings of individual psychics so you can feel confident that their readings are reliable and accurate. Knowing the type of reading you’re looking for will help you determine the specific qualities the psychic should possess.

Tarot Card Readers

Tarot card readers use a special set of cards with unique characters and symbols to tell your fortune. The significance of these cards depends on the manner in which they’re drawn. The psychic will ask a question and draw from their deck, then interpret their meaning in relation to the question. You can gain insight into the past, present, or future with a tarot card reading.


Mediums communicate with the spiritual realm, often serving as a conduit between the living and the dead. Through a medium, you can attempt to contact loved ones who have passed on or ask the spirits for guidance. Some mediums are channelers, allowing a spirit to inhabit them and speak to you directly through the medium’s voice. Others are clairvoyants and will pass questions and answers between you and the spirits themselves. In any case, if you’re looking to communicate with the spirit world, mediums are the way to go.

Palm Readers

Palm readers can tell things about you and your future by reading the bumps and lines on your palms, using them as a roadmap to this information. Their readings focus on interpreting your personality traits and predicting how you will react to upcoming situations based on those traits. Some palm readers can even tell you things about your past lives and how they might affect your present self.


Astrologists can provide information about your inner self and your future by studying the alignment and movement of the stars and other celestial bodies. Like palm readers, they can determine important characteristics about you based on your birth date and zodiac sign. By analyzing your natal chart and the alignment of the planets and stars, astrologists foretell what your future holds. These predictions often come in the form of horoscopes, although the ones given by an online psychic will be far more personalized and accurate than the general horoscopes you see in newspapers and magazines.

What You’re Looking for in a Reading

When looking for an online psychic, knowing what sort of information you’re hoping to get out of a reading can help you narrow down the options. Some psychics offer readings that focus on your love life while others will give you advice for your general well-being. Maybe you have questions for a deceased friend or family member that you never got to ask them. You can also find psychics that will give you advice about important decisions you need to make. Having a good idea about what you hope to get out of a psychic reading will make your experience much smoother and more satisfying.

Methods of Online Psychic Readings

Once you’ve chosen the type of psychic from whom you want to get a reading, you have several communication options available. Psychics typically do their readings over text chat, on the phone, or through video calls. The prices for these different options can vary, but the quality of your reading will be much higher when using phone or video calls. Many psychics, such as mediums, rely on being able to relay information in real-time and can’t always accurately convey their message using text chat. Others, like palm readers, need to be able to see your hands in order to interpret their characteristics for their readings.

Trying Online Psychics out Yourself

Sometimes the best way to get an idea about the accuracy of a psychic is by trying them out yourself. Many sites offer free trial readings and introductory rates, allowing you to test out their services. Personally engaging with a psychic will give you a better feel for their style and the veracity of their readings. After you’ve given it a try, you can decide whether they are a good fit for you or if you’d prefer to look for a different psychic. 


Having access to psychics over the internet has made fortune telling easier than ever. Using reputable websites that offer the services of highly-rated psychics is your best bet for getting an accurate reading. As long as you go into a reading knowing what you want to get out of it, your psychic will be able to focus their talents and provide much more accurate results.