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Spending quality time with your children is essential. Nowadays, kids, as well as some parents, spend too much time on their technological devices, neglecting time they could be spending together as a family. In the current times, with most people being stuck at home, the importance of being creative and taking part in different activities has increased.

You may lack ideas on what to do with your children without the use of technology and without leaving the home, but you would be surprised at the number of activities that you can do together. A great way to spend your time with your little ones, for example, is to bake brownies, which everyone loves to eat! Baking teaches young people many skills and it is something you can do even if you are on a tight budget.

In this article, we will advise you how to enjoy baking perfect brownies with your kids, so that this time spent together can be positive and create happy memories. 

Decide on a Recipe

Before you start baking, it is important that you decide what you will be baking. Even if you have already decided to bake brownies, there are tons of different recipes that you can choose from. If your main priority is to spend time with your kids and ensure they take part in the activity, you should aim to select a recipe that is easy to make but delicious to eat. Baking is not just about the actual process of making food, but also about the afterward when you can all enjoy the baked goods together as a family. Choosing a simple recipe will ensure that your children understand the steps and can easily follow this with you. This will also enable you to focus on your children more than on the baking technique.

Taste Different Types of Brownies

A great way to come up with the perfect brownies is to try different ones yourself. Before you start baking your own brownies, you can order a brownie subscription box in the UK, if you live in this area, so that you can receive a different order of brownies each time. This is a fun way to teach your kids about different tastes and you can use it to recreate the same brownies with your little ones.

Set The Rules

Children need rules no matter what activity they take part in. It can be difficult to manage the children in the kitchen if there is not an organized plan in place. This is particularly important if you have more than one child. Allocating specific chores to everyone beforehand will increase the chances of success when baking with your little ones. In addition to this, you must tell your children about the rules to follow in the kitchen and the potential consequences of not being careful. This is particularly important if they have no experience in helping you out with cooking and baking.

Get All The Ingredients and Supplies Out  

Once you know what you are baking, you can ensure that you have all the ingredients at hand. Preparation really is key. Having little ones in the kitchen can be a dangerous situation if you lose sight of them even for one second. To improve your experience, make sure that everything you need is at hand. All the ingredients and tools should be child-friendly but not at their reach. Children can be impulsive, especially when they are very young. You do not want them to grab ingredients or tools without permission, and it may be difficult to oversee this whilst you are focusing on the recipe.  

Be Prepared For a Mess

If you are a parent, you will know that a mess is just inevitable – this is particularly true if you are baking. Baking in itself can be a messy activity, but this will be ten times worse when the kids are in the kitchen helping out. Try not to worry about the mess whilst you are baking, and simply enjoy the time you are spending with your children. If there are big spills, clean them up right away. Also, you can discuss this with your child before then and advise them of the importance of trying and keeping everything clean and tidy. 

Allow Your Child to Be Creative

Baking enables the development of different skills. Albeit following instructions is certainly one of them, creativity is also important. When baking the perfect brownies, the actual recipe may not be the main priority. The fact that your children are enjoying themselves, learning, and spending time with you should be your main goal. You can guide your child when they are baking, but give them the room to decide on what ingredients to use and how to create their own delicious recipe.

Baking with your children can be an amazing experience for all of you. Make sure to follow the steps discussed above so you know what steps to take when baking with your little ones and it is guaranteed you will enjoy baking the perfect brownies with your kids.