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Have you ever wished that you could just play with animals each and every day? If so, then a pet business may be just the right choice for you! If you think that you would love owning your own pet business but aren’t quite sure where to start, consider the following low-cost pet business ideas you can get started on right away! Whether you start one as a side-hustle or are looking for a full-time business, the following ideas can get you started for minimal costs.

Online Dropshipping Gift Shop

If you want to sell pet products but don’t want to actually keep them in stock, consider online dropshipping. This is an order fulfillment method that businessmen and women use that doesn’t require keeping any of the actual products in stock. Instead, a specific store sells a product and passes on that order to you, the third-party supplier. You then ship that order to the customer. You don’t need to have a lot of cash to start your own pet dropshipping gift shop, and you can begin to make a lot of money if you put in the time. You can launch your own e-commerce store without a lot of capital involved. Research the most popular items amongst pup parents and go from there.

Pet Sitting

If you have ever pet-sat for anyone before, you already have a reference in your portfolio! If not, it’s relatively easy and inexpensive to start your own pet sitting company. It may help you to have some experience with animals, such as volunteer work at a shelter or a previous job with a pet store. You’ll also need a smartphone or computer to advertise your website (if you create one) or to post your services on social media. Consider taking an animal first aid class before you start, which usually costs less than $100 in many areas. You may also wish to have pet-sitter’s insurance while you take care of the pets you’ll be hired to sit with.

When you have your own pet sitting business, you can offer to stay overnight during vacations in either your client’s home or in yours. Many pet owners prefer that you sit with their pets on their home turf. Some sitters offer other services for additional fees, such as light cleaning and mail collecting. It’s generally an easy gig that is in high demand, especially during the summer months when people are traveling.

Clean-Up Services

No one wants to clean up after their dog, especially homes with multiple, large breeds. An easy pet business that can be started with little cost is a clean-up service. The only items you need to own are a quality pooper scooper and strong doggie bags. You’ll also need your own transportation to get back and forth to your clients. Advertise your services to more than just residential homes to make even more money. Local dog parks, kennels, animal shelters, and apartment complexes often need a person with a pooper scooper and a happy attitude!

You’ll also want to find out how and where you can get rid of your waste once you get a lot of customers. Biodegradable bags are a must if you will be throwing the feces away. You may also consider composting the waste if you have an area to do so.

Indoor Cleaning Services

Some pet owners need assistance cleaning up after their animals inside their homes as well as out. This is often the case for the owners of small pets, such as guinea pigs, ferrets, and birds. Small animals can still make big messes, and many pet owners will pay someone to come in and clean out a cage from time to time. All you need to get started are cleaning supplies, garbage bags, and transportation. Advertise online and through social media, place ads up in pet stores, or send flyers out through your neighborhood. If you know how to clean a large fish tank or terrarium, be sure to advertise this directly. You may be shocked at the requests you’ll get for help.

Pet Photography

Are you already a good photographer? Do you own a quality camera and have classes to back you up? Start your very own pet photography business to showcase your special talents. Who doesn’t love quality pictures of their pets? Consider advertising for special events, such as Christmas, Halloween, and All American Pet Photo Day (on July 11th of every year.) Many pet owners take care of their pets as if they were their own children, and they will have no problem shelling out cash for a professional picture.

You will want to have the right equipment if you want to work as a pet photographer. A digital single-lens reflex camera is a must, as is a prime lens that can autofocus. You’ll also want to invest in a quality zoom lens, a speedlight, and high-speed memory cards.

Dog Walking

If you love dogs and enjoy walking, combine the two into a profitable business. Many dog owners don’t have the time or energy to properly exercise their dogs, so this is where your business will come in. If you want to get some experience before starting your own business, sign up with a dog walking app. You’ll be able to accept jobs on the app and build a reputation around town. Once you have experience and recommendations, branch out on your own! Set up a website, apply for the proper business license, and obtain liability insurance. You’ll do best if you are available on a flexible schedule.

Pet Accessories

Turn your hobby or pastime into a pet business by opening up your own Etsy store or website to sell your pet accessories. When you already know how to sew cute little dresses for pot-bellied pigs or fun hats for poodles, you can easily turn this into a successful business venture. Design custom holiday outfits, such as Halloween costumes and Christmas dresses. There is also a market for small animal clothes as many little animals need something warm to wear in the colder months. You’ll simply need clothing material, whatever sewing equipment you use, and boxes to ship your finished product. It’s easy to make a full-time living doing something you already love to do!

When you want to start a pet business but don’t have a lot of money to put into it, these ideas are all something to consider. You can get started for little money, but you’ll also have a ton of fun trying. Good luck with your business venture!