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Take your picture with a polar bear in shopping mall thanks to hi-tech wizardry

VISITORS to intu Braehead can get astonishing pictures of themselves standing next to a polar bear, half-a-dozen penguins and even Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer!

And it’s all thanks to some amazing hi-tech wizardry at the popular leisure and retail destination.

polar bear

The centre has just launched a new free augmented reality experience app called The Festive ARctic Trail, (correct) which uses augmented reality to make the polar animals and figures appear and come to life at various spots throughout the malls.

Intu Braehead’s marketing manager, David Lyon explains how the app works: “The magic starts once people download the Festive ARctic Trail app on to their mobile phones or tablets.


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“Then they find seven special baubles marked on the floor of the mall and just before you step on to the ice at our Arena rink and scan the baubles.

“Suddenly, the animals appear on their screen and they can even take a photo of friends and family standing next to the virtual figures.”

As well as Rudolph, a polar bear and the penguins, shoppers using the app will also see a giant mammoth, a snowman and a gift box exploding with streamers flying into the air.

Anyone completing the Festive ARctic Trail will win two-for-one entry to the ice skating. All they have to do is present the screen on their phone or tablet that shows they have completed the trail to the ice rink admission desk.

David added: “The Festive ARctic Trail is great fun and we’ve all been amazed at how lifelike the animals and figures are when they appear on a phone screen.

“It’s probably some of the most amazing photos you’ll ever have taken of your family and friends.

“Who would have thought you could pose with penguins, get your picture taken with a polar bear, or be snapped beside a snowman and not even have to leave the warmth and comfort of our shopping centre!”




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