Hi everyone. For those that took part, this is just a checking taster that I am sure you will all be interested in viewing. Well done all and thank you again.

I am sure others will be equally interested in this man. Remember, he never left his Council house in Rowan Street, Paisley. He always spoke for us.

W.G. rough cut test from Friday Film Productions on Vimeo.

Also gives me another chance to remind that we are still looking to film the last big production number where Lloyd George was heckled off the stage. (Can’t blame a trier.) All genders, all ages, no particular dress needs. Plain.

Where and when? Beechwood Community Community Centre, Shortroods Road, Paisley Tuesday, 13th.

November, @ 5.45 p.m.
The film crew is the same.
Come and be a star. There will be lots of hullabaloo.
Thanks once more to all the community organisations who have pitched in to help.
All best
Alex. Cathcart