We are the Scottish Interfaith Group on Domestic Abuse. We are people of faith who wish to raise awareness about domestic abuse and the effect it has on families. Our message would always contain hope as help is available when the person in the situation is ready to leave. One of the ways we have raised awareness over the years is with a shoe exhibition where each pair of shoes represents a person who was hurt or who died through abuse, or someone who stands in solidarity with them. Each pair of shoes has a comment from the person who wore them.


The idea for the film came from the shoes. Once we had found a local filmmaker and secured funding, it took about a year altogether to complete the project. Paul Mothersole, who made the film, really understood what we were trying to achieve, and worked collaboratively with us and with the many people who contributed their talents and time. We are very grateful to our funders, to all who took part and to Paul, who delivered exactly what we had in mind and more.

We hope that this film will have many viewers and provide a useful resource in both raising awareness of abuse and for training purposes.