Is spending less on rent your problem? Learn how to do it

If you are looking for the most affordable flats to rent in Dundee, then you have to make sure that you have a good plan. It is not always easy to believe that you can find the best house for you or your family at a cheaper price. There are so many types of flats one could rent, but your search for a cheaper one can only be successful if you consider certain factors.

If you intend to live alone, then you have higher chances of getting lucky. The things to do to ensure that you spend less on rent include;

  1.    You might want to consider searching outside the city

We all know that the cost of housing in the heart of Dundee is expensive compared to housing in the outskirts. By outskirts, it does not mean that you have to look so far away from the city. The point is finding a house that is a little bit outside the city. The reason why such houses are relatively cheap is that the population around such areas is normally not high. People tend to focus on the homes in the city because they provide convenience and have easy access to amenities. Since the flats owners in the city know about how strategic their flats are located, they tend to charge high.

  1.    You can find a roommate

Roommates come in handy when you want to save on rent. Finding a roommate should not be hard since everyone wants to spend as less as possible on rent. You can always share the cost of rent with someone. The problem, however, is to find the perfect roommate. You can always advertise that you are looking for a roommate and don’t forget to specify the type of roommate you want.

  1.    Renovate your new old looking house

This is the oldest trick in the books. You may find that a flat is in excellent condition, but due to negligence or lack of renovations, the interior looks old. Such houses do come cheap because of their condition, but you don’t have to stay in an old house. Renovations like paintwork normally go a long way plus you never know how much discount the landlord will give you as an appreciation. Old looking flats are normally not in bad condition except for maybe for the paint job and fittings falling out.

  1.    Avoid luxurious things that make a house expensive

We all love luxury and comfort, but sometimes you have to settle for less. Some flats come fully furnished with furniture and other kinds of installs. There are also flats that come as they are, just a big hall. When expecting to spend less on rent, you know what type of flats to go for.


The cost of rent is an expense that is totally under your control. You can always find a way that will allow you to spend less and live nice. Also never be afraid to check on brand new flats. New flats normally don’t change highly in their first few months, and some landlords even throw in a free month for their first tenants.