Rukeri, a brand of Salt and Grit Solutions Ltd, has launched a new billboard advertising campaign in Paisley to help develop brand awareness and increase its customer base.

The campaign will run for 8 weeks with the adverts displayed at strategic locations throughout Paisley that include main arterial routes to maximise exposure. The advert has a simple, clean design with the same strapline on all boards, ‘You don’t have to be on the other side to have greener grass.’

Lisa Taylor, Marketing Executive at Rukeri says, ‘This is an exciting move for us as historically we have communicated to our customers through various print and online campaigns along with direct mail. A high number of our new customers find out about us from recommendations from friends and peers. This is great, but we would like to close the gap and reach more people ourselves as when our customers find us, they love what we do!’

The company supplies a range of landscaping products to both trade and public customers, to compliment the main business arm of supplying turf. Rukeri boasts an impressive number of turf fields and is committed to only supplying premium quality turf. The turf is cut daily and always fresh to order, meaning there is no time in transit or storage – paramount at this time of year for people looking to lay a new lawn.

Keep your eyes peeled for the adverts, and you can let Rukeri know what you think of them through their Facebook page or in store.

For more information contact Rukeri:

0141 889 1455