“Please go and see Stuart Mitchell!”  WILL FERRELL 

STUART MITCHELL – photo by steve ullathorne

Following the runaway success of his 2016 Fringe debut ‘Dealt a Bad Hand’ BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘Breaking the News’ panelist Stuart Mitchell brings his critically acclaimed show to Paisley Arts Centre on Friday 9th June. 

“A comedian worth catching before he becomes mega.” SUNDAY MAIL 

He was described by The Sun as ‘Scotland’s brightest comedy talent’ (★★★★).

“…Rising star of the comedy circuit”  THE SCOTSMAN

The Herald  ★★★★

Stuart has been dealt a bad hand; not just in life. From tragic accidents and medical complications to losing both parents, this debut is a hilarious take on dealing with life’s misfortunes and coming out the other end unscathed.

“His set is slick…memorable punchlines…it’s a pleasure to catch him before he makes it big”


The start of 2017 saw Stuart touring Australia as part of ‘Best of the Fest’ line up and he has also recently supported Stewart Francis and Hal Cruttenden on their national tours. He has very quickly become one of the most exciting talents in recent years, performing across the biggest comedy clubs in the UK including the world famous Comedy Store! He has also recently performed in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York where he caught the eye of Hollywood megastar WILL FERRELL!

Stuart’s sharp one-liners, brilliant turn of phrase and clever wordplay has made him a perfect choice for regular appearances on BBC Radio Scotland’s comedy panel show ‘Breaking the News’ and TV appearances on this year’s ‘The Workplace’ (CBBC) and ‘On The Road With Fred Macaulay’ BBC One Scotland. He has written for ‘Mock the Week’ (BBC1), ‘The News Quiz’ (BBC Radio 4) and is now working with BBC Comedy, on a scripted development project.

Top 5 interesting facts:

  1. Hollywood superstar Will Ferrell has endorsed Stuart as a show to watch!
  1. He met his wife, who is part of the very popular Scottish children’s music group Fun Box, when he played Scotland’s most notorious serial killer Bible John (in a TV drama) who murdered 3 woman in the 1960s
  1. When he is not doing comedy he works for the Sue Ryder charity who provides incredible hospice and neurological care for people facing a frightening, life-changing diagnosis.
  1. He was the only student outside Oxford or Cambridge to be offered a prestigious placement at HM Treasury in 2002.
  1. Aged 18 he was the youngest ever person to work in Whitehall as a junior economist! 


See what the critics said about the show: 

The Herald

WHEN life gives you lemons… incorporate them into your comedy show. There’s a real warmth and honesty running alongside the clever wordplay and sharp one-liners.  In Dealt A Bad Hand, Stuart Mitchell demonstrates how to belly laugh in the torn-scone face of misfortune. In a set full of dark, dry humour the only moans to be heard are from the audience when he announces it’s time to wrap up.

Sunday Mail

This show is about dealing with life’s misfortunes and coming out the other end in one piece. He has become one the most exciting talents in recent years. One of Scotland’s rising stars, Stuart Mitchell is a comedian worth catching before he becomes mega.

Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

Mitchell’s charming delivery combined with his compelling story entices the audience to follow him in search of a little ray of happiness amongst all the bad luck in his life. Suicide, cancer, depression and childhood trauma never felt so light-hearted. Dealt a Bad Hand may be very grim but it remains very funny nonetheless.


Arts Award

I left the show feeling I could quite happily sit through another hour of content, and that is the joy of Stuart Mitchell. He is so calm on stage, so friendly and inviting that you will instantly warm to him. He has incredible delivery and ability to turn horrific situations into comedy gold.


Broadway Baby

As soon as Stuart Mitchell entered the room, I knew I was in a safe pair of hands. Mitchell’s conversational delivery and honest subject matter meant that the hour flew by and you were left wanting more.

Mitchell believes that laughter is sometimes the only way to make it through tough times, and in this way the show offers a fairly inspirational way of coping with grief. His quick wit and wealth of material meant that there was never a dull moment. Probably one of the best ways to laugh along with someone about death and loss without feeling guilty for doing so.



Like all good comics he finds laughter is the best way and his packed out venue are treated to the fruits of His thoughts. His set is well written, impeccably presented, peppered with laugh out loud moments as this likeable guy delivers in spades. Look out for Stuart rising rapidly in the comedy world and gaining loads of fans and critical acclaim along the way.

The Skinny

You’re not quite done on the tragedy circuit till you catch Stuart Mitchell who only ups the schadenfreude quotient with Dealt a Band Hand. Take the risk and follow him straight into the deep end, and you’ll leave the show completely sold.

Positively Scottish

Stuart Mitchell is proving a real hit at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. It’s tempting to fill in the gaps with more detail, but far better that you experience Stuart’s brilliantly crafted one-liners in person (and, for older readers, enjoy the memories of Dave Allen’s use of a similar deformity for the purposes of humour). Nothing, it seems, is off limits. But what could be a litany of trauma instead becomes a celebration of triumph over adversity, as pure a definition of comedy as you could wish for. All of which explains why Stuart’s profile is rising sharply.

The Herald  ★★★★

The Sun  ★★★★

The Skinny ★★★★

Arts Award ★★★★

One4review ★★★★

Positively Scottish ★★★★