GPS tracking is a system where Global Positioning Systems are used for the determination of a geographic location of a place, a person, or anything else accurately. This technology is capable of recording the location of assets at regular intervals so that the position of the target is tracked and known even when the location changes; it is this capability that makes the mSpy GPS phone tracker the best for locating a phone.

GPS tracking software is now common place and comes with most mobile devices that are on the market and it is the effectiveness and dependability of the technology that sets one apart from another. This phone tracker is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices and has an extra layer of security to log cell phone activity, is easy to use and is free; you do not have to purchase this tool separately. We spend a lot of precious money investing in the latest Smartphones and losing one can be quite painful; what you need is a free GPS phone tracker that you are sure you can depend on.

The mSpy free GPS phone tracker features

The GPS phone tracker comes free to those who get any of our tracking and monitoring packages; it is easy to install, takes a very short time to set up and can be done by anyone anywhere as long as they have access to the internet. With a dedicated 24/7 customer service, any problems or issues that may arise are quickly attended to or advised accordingly.

This free GPS phone tracker allows you to block off any websites or applications that you deem content inappropriate for your child. Ensure that your child is safe online by monitoring and regulating what content they have access to from their mobile devices. If you do not want a certain number calling the phone, or want to restrict outgoing calls to a specific number, the call restricting feature can be activated. It enables you to block certain phone numbers to prevent any contact through the device under tracking.

mSpy GPS phone tracker has a keylogging function as well; it is exclusive to mobile Android devices to record any and all keystrokes made on the cell phone for review when demanded. Geofencing is a feature which enables users to set territory specifications and boundaries so that if the boundary is breached, an instant alert is sent out. If you are a parent with a truant child or if they are going where they are not supposed to be, you will know. Another way by which this GPS phone tracker works is by monitoring and accessing social media networks information; you will know what your target is up to on WhatsApp, Facebook or Snapchat.

It comes in three unique subscription packages, Basic, Premium, and Business and has a free demonstration online for you to look at. Try it for a great phone tracking and locating experience.