paisley from drone

Paisley is a town with a lot of history, stunning architecture, nature and an abundance of culture. Whether you are a visitor or potential resident, Paisley has something for everyone, making it an excellent destination for many purposes. Whilst having a lot to offer, it is also serves as a hub which connects with some of Scotland’s most scenic views and fun activities – within only 20 minutes!

With numerous departures every day, usually every 7 minutes, Scotrail always stands at the ready to take you into Glasgow. Getting you there comfortably and cheap in only 9 minutes makes it an ideal choice whether you’re looking for a day-trip, or just want to spend a couple hours exploring the largest city in Scotland. Should you be in the mood for something spiritual whilst also architecturally stunning the Glasgow Cathedral might be just the thing for you. Should the rich culture of Paisley have left you wanting for even more, a visit to one of Glasgow’s most popular sights, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum should quench your thirst!

Should you be visiting whilst on four wheels, filling a basket with excellent Scottish food and drink from any of Paisleys many vendors and setting the compass towards slightly south-east will enable you to feast your eyes on the beautiful scenery of Castle Semple Loch Park whilst enjoying your day.

If west and east gets you confused, fear not. Should you head south-east instead you’ll soon find yourself lost in the beauty of Dams to Darnley Country Park instead!

Whether you’re an experienced golfer or curious about this ancient sport, Paisley has you covered with an excellent golf course located in the Glennifer Braes Country Park, just south of the city.

 Should you be looking for something less hectic and relaxing, Paisley offers the perfect environment to do just that. How about turning a day of reading a good book into an adventure as you’re sitting atop of Saucel Hill with its breathtaking view, or why not bring your laptop with you and engage in some live casino action or brag to your friends on Facebook while the wondrous scenery of Scotland unfolds before your eyes? Aimlessly walking alongside the River Cart is guaranteed to take even your favorite music to new heights as both your ears and eyes will be feasting!

Needless to say, Paisley has something for everyone and its unique location makes it an extraordinary hub for adventure, scenic sights and activities – within only 20 minutes.