We are always looking to offer the best deals locally to the community and that is where Engine Engineering came across the follow story.  Engine engineering is the largest Engine reconditioning company in the UK, sometimes it’s good to take stock of what is really important and that is helping and giving back to the local community.

engine engineering

The Brightest Star is run by an inspiring woman called Arlene Smith.

After losing her healthy 5-year-old son Jack overnight to an everyday cold and flu virus, Arlene set up Brightest Star to provide support to other parents who lose a child.

The main aim of Brightest Star is to provide support groups for parents and allow them the opportunity to meet others who have lost a child and also access professional support. Sadly, this after care is not provided to parents in any of our children’s hospitals.

The funding goal was £1000 pounds and funding ended at £301 for online donations. I was able to go down and spend the day at the event on behalf of Engine Engineering and make a donation of £150 towards their goal.

I met the lovely ladies including Arlene (our Local Heroes) at the Brightest Star Stall, they were a bit shocked and surprised when i handed over a donation of £150 towards their goal which im sure will go a long way in helping and support other families.  We wish them all the best in their fund raising and charity awareness.