A new autobiographical performance by Glasgow-based artist Amy Conway, is coming to Paisley Arts Centre on Tuesday 8 March. 30:60:80 compares the lives and experiences of three generations of women as they reach their milestone birthdays.

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When Amy’s Grandma turned 30, she had three children and was thankful to finally live in a house with an indoor toilet. When her Mum turned 30, she was an NHS professional, had a mortgage and was pregnant with her first child. Amy has just turned 30. She is a single, freelancing chancer and worries about almost everything. 30:60:80 is an invitation to three landmark birthdays to meet three remarkable birthday girls.

Amy Conway said: “At a time when women are still finding their place in contemporary society, and in theatre, women’s voices still have a tendency to fade into the background, I decided to create a show that put three generations of women centre stage and where better, than from my own family? The biggest revelation was to hear the most important women in my life talk about themselves. I was inspired to create a piece of theatre that listened to and documented these female relationships to put daughters and mothers and grandmothers in the foreground. I wanted to make a show not just about the women in my family, but in everyone else’s as well. By delivering the verbatim wisdom of my elders, along with my own neuroses and ramblings about life, I was able to share not only an exploration of my personal heritage but a universal celebration of maternal relationships.”

Tickets for 30:60:80 are £10 (£6 conc) + bkg fee* and are available from the Box Office on 0300 300 1210 orwww.renfrewshireleisure.com/arts. This show is suitable for ages 14 +