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Paisley.org.uk, Paisley leading community focused website founded by Brian McGuire has announced its full support and backing of Paisley Community Trust’s proposed plans for a new Performing Arts and Film Theatre for the Town.
As part of a series of early stage discussions, first draft designs of the Trust’s proposed Performing Arts and Film Theatre have been shared with key stakeholders

in the Town. The plans, created by award winning architects Stallan Brand, outline the Trust’s proposals for a new state of the art community facility featuring a flexible main theatre, secondary studio theatre, rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms, dance studios, several unique cinema spaces as well as bar and restaurant facilities.


Paisley Community Trust carried out a comprehensive feasibility study into the project and identified an overwhelming market demand for such a facility in the town. At present a number of sites have been shortlisted with a preferred option emerging.

PCTPorg teaser fin

Final plans are set to be publicly unveiled in September 2017. “We were delighted to be approached by Paisley Community Trust to review their plans for the newly proposed Cinema and Theatre for the town. What can we say, we were blown away with what we saw! The designs look amazing. Having been a massive supporter of the town and with close relationships to the communities, we have a fairly good idea of what people are looking for and what the town needs. The Trust’s plans are exactly what the town needs. It will put Paisley back on the cultural map, not just locally but nationally. It will attract people and communities back into use the town.

You’ll be able to take part in a variety of classes or to catch a movie or a show. There is no doubt this will provide the transformation the town needs. Community groups, Council and Paisley Buddies need to get behind the Trust’s vision. We’re in!”

Brian McGuire, Founder, Paisley.org.uk

“Paisley.org.uk is without doubt one of the key websites for Paisley. They work closely with the town, businesses and community.

They have their finger on the pulse when it comes to what the town needs. We were nervous in showing them because we really respect their knowledge, however we shouldn’t have been. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Their backing and support confirms the need in the town for what we are planning. We’ve agreed that Paisley.org.uk will be one of our key partners in engaging and discussing with the town’s communities. We’re delighted to share a teaser image for Paisley.org.uk to exclusively publish with more news to come!”

Gary Kerr, Chairman, Paisley Community Trust

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John McKay Jewellers Valentine Competition

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My Credit Union Renfrewshire

Have you ever wondered what a credit union is? My Credit Union Renfrewshire will answer all your questions.



We are delighted to announce the launch of a new website, outdoor advertising and radio campaign that will raise awareness of credit unions in Renfrewshire and answer the common question ‘What is a credit union’. To celebrate the launch, we are extending an invitation to the public and press to an event that will take place on Thursday 20th October (International Credit Union day) in the Piazza centre Paisley at 11am.


www.mycreditunionrenfrewshire.co.uk has been designed to promote the benefits of Credit Unions to the people of Renfrewshire. The fresh, easy-to-use website signposts people to credit unions throughout Renfrewshire, lists all their services and highlights the many benefits of saving and borrowing affordably. A key aim is to raise public awareness of credit unions generally and to help people enjoy the benefits of sound money management.

The website is funded by Renfrewshire Council who have committed up to £500,000 of funding to support credit union development in Renfrewshire as a key strand of their Tackling Poverty strategy. This substantial investment has been used in a variety of initiatives to tackle the rise in high cost lending and to provide access to a wider range of ethical and affordable financial products for the Renfrewshire community.

Gleniffer Credit Union, Johnstone Credit Union, Renfrewshire-Wide Credit Union, Scotwest Credit Union and White Cart Credit Union have collaborated on the development of the website to ensure that the Renfrewshire community can make an informed choice on the best credit union for their needs. Paula Ferrier, the Marketing Officer overseeing the website development said, “This is a fantastic opportunity for credit unions in Renfrewshire, to have a campaign that promotes good value financial products and services and the many free benefits that are available. Credit unions are not for profit, member-owned financial cooperatives, so they can’t always compete with the massive marketing budgets that banks and high-cost lenders can deploy. In some ways, credit unions are a well-kept secret! However, more and more people are discovering how much better off they are by joining a credit union, and with over a million members across the UK, mycreditunionrenfrewshire will help open credit union doors to even more people in Renfrewshire.”

To mark the launch of this vibrant new website and to celebrate International Credit Union Day, representatives from all five credit unions will be in the Piazza Centre, Paisley on Thursday 20th October from 11am to 1pm to chat and answer any questions about joining a credit union. Additionally, Councillor Mike Holmesdeputy leader of Renfrewshire Council, and several third sector agencies will be present to help raise awareness of credit unions and help mark the occasion.

There will be lots of credit union freebies being handed out – so call into the Piazza Centre and let Renfrewshire credit unions help you to make the most out of life and your money!

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Council Leader sets out budget challenges

renfrewshire council logo .JPG

Renfrewshire Council Leader Iain Nicolson has pledged to put local communities at the heart of the Council’s budget plans for the coming financial year.

renfrewshire council logo .JPG

The Council Leader pledged to ‘put people first’ and ensure that spending is targeted where it will make a difference for communities and businesses across Renfrewshire.

The level of council tax and the council’s total spending on services and capital investment will be set at a meeting of Renfrewshire Council on 1 March.

Councillor Nicolson said:  “I was delighted to be appointed Leader of the Council after the election last year and we have worked hard with councillors from across the parties to make sure we’re delivering the best deal we can for the people who live and work in Renfrewshire.

“It’s been a fantastic time for Renfrewshire and our recent bid for UK City of Culture. Being part of the competition was supported by all political parties and it gave us this fantastic platform to show everyone what we can do. It’s important now we continue that journey, building on the positive perceptions created and making sure that we make the most of the opportunities we have in front of us.

“We want to make Renfrewshire an attractive place to live, work and visit. We will continue to invest in education, jobs and tackling the inequalities that can hold people back from realising their full potential.

“I promised at the time that we would listen to what communities tell us and we have worked to ensure that with finite resources, we make sure we get the best value for every public pound we spend.

“We want to give people back a pride in their place and we’ve invested in improving our local environment through our team up to clean up programme.”

Councillor Nicolson also highlighted that with limited resources, there would have to be new ways of working together to deliver key public services.

“Like other local authorities, we must work within the budgets we are set and we will continue to work with our local communities and partners to ensure that our investment decisions are based on what will make an impact and ensure our communities continue to thrive.”


Casino Currency – Insane Facts about Bitcoin


There are a few crypto-currencies in circulation right now but the most famous one is Bitcoin (BTC). While it’s working methodology is confusing for some, the concept is quite simple. It has been formulated in such a way that it is decentralized i.e. it is not governed by any bank. Established in 2009, it had a meteoric rise after 2011.


Let’s leave all the technical jargon to the techs and read ten amazing facts about bitcoin.


The Mystery Founder


Bitcoin was founded in 2008 by a mystery person named Satoshi Nakamoto. No one has any idea about his identity, even whether he is an individual or an entity. Satoshi Nakamoto is believed to have mined 1M bitcoins.


It’s finite, not infinite


Bitcoins are generated by a process called mining. There’s is a finite number of bitcoins i.e., 21M. By the year 2140, all of them will be mined. The process gets difficult and difficult as all the bitcoins are about to get mined.


Bitcoin Network – one of the most powerful in the world


The Bitcoin network is the most powerful in the world; even more than the world’s fastest supercomputers. The computing power of five such supercomputers cannot reach the potential of the bitcoin network.


Bitcoin transaction cannot be reversed


The records of the Bitcoin transactions cannot be altered once it happens. This is because once the transaction takes place the record of the transaction is logged in multiple destinations.


Lose your wallet and you lose everything


Bitcoins are normally saved in what’s called a bitcoin wallet. A bitcoin wallet is like a physical wallet, which is created when you sign up. A bitcoin wallet is owned by one person only. If a bitcoin owner loses the bitcoin wallet, the bitcoins are lost forever. It’s unusable by any person who finds the bitcoins too.


No one controls bitcoin


Currency or money is controlled by banks, and the value is based on the current global market. But, bitcoin is controlled by everyone who uses the software which logs and approves the transaction. In fact, every transaction that happens in bitcoin is transparent, but the personal data is not.


Largest bitcoin wallet is owned by FBI


Silk Road, the online marketplace was accumulating a fortune in bitcoin through illegal activities. Silk Road was the reason for around 5% of bitcoin’s economy before it was seized by the FBI. After the seizure, FBI holds around $120M in bitcoins i.e. 1.5%. But the fact is that FBI could seize only 20% of the bitcoins owned by Robert Ulbricht, the man running the Silk Road.


How much is a bitcoin worth?


During the first bitcoin transaction, one bitcoin was less than a cent. Since then, it has been a series of ups and downs. In 2011, the price of a bitcoin reached $1. The price steadily increased until 2013 when the closure of the Silk Road caused the price to fall yet again. December 2017, the bitcoin reached a record high of $19455 and has had a fall since. As of Feb 2018, one bitcoin is trading at $10700.


Bitcoin purchase


A pizza was the first legal purchase made using bitcoins. The pizza was worth 10,000 bitcoins. If you are a casino lover, you can use bitcoins for transactions at a mobile casino. You can even donate to a charity. When WikiLeaks was asking for donations, money transfer companies refused to process the donations. Donations were made in the form of bitcoins then.


Gambling using bitcoin


Bitcoin offers anonymity and little to no transfer fees that the money transfer intermediaries levy otherwise. Many mobile casinos with excellent casino games like online Blackjack, Roulette, Slots mobile and much more played at the comfort of home are in the process of creating a system which allows them to accept bitcoins as a payment from the players.


The information is provided by Jackpot Mobile Casino which is one of the reputed casinos that offers seamless casino gaming experience. You might have read the facts about the bitcoin for yourselves and it is up to you to use it or not.

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Budget Brings Funding Boost For Paisley.

More Cash For Local Services Thanks To Progressive Reforms

Renfrewshire Council is set to receive a significant funding boost as a result of this year’s SNP Scottish Government budget – with local services in Renfrewshire benefiting from an extra £8.823 million.

The SNP’s progressive reforms – which will see 55% of taxpayers pay less in income tax than if they lived in the rest of the UK – guarantee a 2.83% increase rise in Renfrewshire council’s resource budget, providing extra funding for schools, roads and housing. The budget will also see Renfrewshire schools benefit from £4,272,240 million as part of the Pupil Equity Fund, helping to tackle the attainment gap.

The Scottish Budget also provides additional spending on our NHS – which will see an extra £400 million in funding to help protect our health service from Tory austerity.

Commenting, Paisleys MSP, George Adam said:

“This extra funding for Renfrewshire council – an additional £8.823 million for the coming year – is a great settlement for our communities.

“The SNP’s progressive reforms on income tax, seeing 70% of people pay less than they did last year, and 55% pay less than they would if they lived south of the border, are vital for allowing this funding increase despite continued austerity being imposed by the Tories at Westminster.

“And it takes the total resource budget for our council’s services – such as schools, roads and housing – to £311.453 million for the coming year, an increase of 2.83% when compared with last year.

“This progressive budget also provides extra funding for our NHS, education and broadband, and more money for our economy, research and our environment too – as well as protecting free university tuition, free personal care for the elderly, free school meals and free prescriptions.

“While the Tories propose cutting over £556 million from public services in order to pay for their tax cuts for the wealthiest – the SNP Government delivers for our councils and protects the vital local services in Paisley that we all hold dear.”

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Gavin Newlands MP visits Lamont Farm

Gavin Newlands, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, has praised Lamont City farm, the long-established community farm which has spent the past 41 years helping to improve animal welfare through education and helping to rescue animals at risk.

Lamont City Farm is run entirely by volunteers and provides school children and residents from Renfrewshire and beyond to meet a range of animals, from horses and llamas, to exotic reptiles and small furries.

The Farm run workshops on animal care, welfare and husbandry. Unfortunately, last week, the farm building was targeted by vandals who caused a significant amount of damage. As a result, the volunteers have launched a crowdfunder to help repair the damage that was caused.

Gavin Newlands, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire, North, said:

“Lamont City Farm is a well-established part of the wider Renfrewshire community. They have provided opportunities for countless school children over the years to see some fantastic animals and it’s an outrage that they’ve been targeted by senseless vandals.

“They provide a fantastic resource to Renfrewshire and help educate kids about the importance of animal welfare. In addition many of its residents have been saved from a life of neglect, abuse and suffering. To hear that this organisation has recently been targeted by vandals is especially distressing. I hope all those who have visited Lamont City Farm over the years, and have seen witnessed the excellent job that they do, will contribute to this fundraiser if they are able to. ”

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First buildings benefit from latest round of town centre heritage funding

Improvements to Paisley’s built environment are continuing as work starts on the first buildings benefiting from the latest raft of heritage funding.

Repairs to 9 Gilmour Street are being carried out through the £4 million Paisley Townscape and Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (TH.CARS2) which is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Historic Environment Scotland and Renfrewshire Council and will be delivered over the next four years.

The multi-million pound regeneration programme aims to make the area around the High Street a more attractive place to visit and invest.

Through the scheme, building owners can apply for grant funding for building repairs and shopfront improvements with a view to creating a high quality environment which will increase business interest and reduce the number of vacant properties in the area.

The grant funding secured for 9 Gilmour Street will deliver repairs to the external fabric of the building with work being carried out by local construction firm Clark Contracts.

Mr Allan Toti of A.D.T Properties who owns the ground floor shop units at 9 Gilmour Street, said:  “There is such beautiful architecture in the town and by making funding available for improvements to the properties it gives people the opportunity to admire them more.

“The grant funding is a great thing and I would encourage other shop owners to take advantage of it as it offers business benefits to them as well as improving the look of the buildings in the town.

“I love the town, I think it’s a great place and improvements to the town centre will only help to make it an even better place.”

The building is also the head office of Walker Laird and is occupied by 55 solicitors and support staff.

Ronnie McGinlay, Partner at Walker Laird said: “Our firm is keen to stay in the centre of Paisley and due to the cost of the major refurbishment works sought advice on grant funding from Renfrewshire Council.

“The decision to award the grant has allowed Walker Laird to maintain its presence in the town and the firm is very grateful for the assistance and advice offered throughout this process.”

Leader of Renfrewshire Council, Cllr Iain Nicolson, said: “Paisley boasts an impressive built heritage which we want to protect and revitalise. By investing in our built environment we will encourage more visitors and businesses to the area which will in turn increase footfall on the High Street and reduce the number of vacant properties.

“Through the scheme we, along with the support of HLF and HES, want to help building owners repair and improve their premises to help increase business interest. It’s great to see building and business owners in the community take advantage of the scheme and  I would encourage more people to find out about the grant funding offered through this project and what the potential business benefits are likely to be.”

The scheme builds on the success of the initial £3.5m THI/CARS scheme which transformed the area around Causeyside Street including shopfront repair grants and public realm improvements.

A number of other projects have been implemented aimed at driving people back into the town centre including the restoration and reuse of the Russell Institute, the proposed relocation of Paisley Central Library to a vacant building on the High Street and plans for a £42 million revamp to Paisley Museum.

To find out more about the Paisley Townscape Heritage and Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme please visit: www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/thcars2.

For more information on the Council’s wider regeneration plans please visit: www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/paisley.

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Scottish Budget Stage 3

george adam

SNP Budget Will Give Scots Best Deal In UK

george adam

Pay Rise For Public Sector Workers And Lower Taxes For 70% Of Scots


The Scottish Government’s budget protects low and middle income earners and delivers for public services and public sector workers, Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, has said as Stage 3 of the Budget (Scotland) (No.2) Bill is laid before the Scottish Parliament.


The budget delivers progressive reforms to Scotland’s income tax system, with modest increases on higher earners, while 70% of taxpayers will pay less than they did last year and 55% will pay less than the rest of the UK. Opinion polling found that Scots back the SNP’s tax plans by 2 to 1.


The Budget will also deliver an additional £400 million for the NHS, an expansion in childcare, more spending on broadband, extra funding for our police and fire services, and a pay rise for hard-working public sector employees.


Commenting, George said:


“This is a budget for a stronger economy and a fairer society – with increased funding for the NHS and protection for low and middle income earners.


“The Scottish Government is delivering lower income tax for 70% of Scots, with every worker earning less than £33,000 paying less in tax next year – while protecting public services across Paisley that we all hold dear.


3 Reasons Paisley Is Quickly Becoming a Hot Spot for Tourists


As the fifth largest city in Scotland, Paisley is quickly becoming a place in the west central lowlands of Scotland that is attracting tourists as they work their way through the UK. Oddly, with a total population of just over 76,220 people as of the latest figures, this little city in Scotland has enormous allure due to recent publicity on major networks like the BBC, stating empirically that this truly is a city of culture. Here are just three of the reasons why Paisley is making its mark in the tourist trade.

1. Even So – We Are Winners

While not having been awarded a City of Culture for 2021, we are the winners in more ways than meets the eye. Due to all the publicity given to Paisley by the media, our city is on the map. In previous years, bigger cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh got all the press, but recent events have captured the attention of historians, interior decorators, scholars, inventors, and techies alike.

2. Paisley Is a Name Well-Recognized in the Textile Industry

At one time, there were two global cities having textile patterns named after them, however, Paisley is the only one to remain. While Scotland is often associated with plaids, Madras in India took some of the fanfare away from traditional Scottish plaids. Madras was renamed in the mid-1900s so that now only Paisley remains. Although the basics for the “Paisley” design came to Britain in days of old, it was Paisley that made an affordable alternative to silk and put the design on the map. Although it lost popularity in Scotland in the latter part of the 1800s, the Paisley pattern gained global renown in the 1960s and has re-emerged on the fashion scene in recent years. When seeking home décor from those days of Flower Power, even companies like Threel.co.uk find that large flowers and bright colours inspired by the Paisley pattern are hot sellers.

3. Famous Celebs Who Put Paisley on the Map

Having been home to an amazing number of world-renowned songwriters, poets, and movie stars, Paisley is often visited by fans who make it a point to see where their idols grew up. Some of the stars of most repute include Gerry Rafferty, singer/songwriter of the 1970s, poet John Byrne, along with actors David Tennant and Gerald Butler. Then, you can’t forget the sex appeal of the more recent multi-million record selling singer/songwriter, Paolo Nutini, who hails from Paisley. While some were born and bred in Paisley, others called the city home for enough years to be hailed as Paisley buddies.

Even though Paisley wasn’t named the latest City of Culture, the notoriety gained from all the press has made the city a popular stop for tourists from around the globe. Gaining that recognition has been good for the economy and now the world knows that we are a city of the future. So, in the world’s eyes, we have won big.

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It is always happening in Hamishe’s Hoose

Food from all corners of the world right here on Paisley’s high street. Chinese, Mexican, Italian, American and Scottish. The best range on the best Buy One Get One Free Deal ever. This deal is on all day every day and includes all main meals including steaks. Ye canny beat Hamishes’ Hoose.
 A fantastic weekend of Mod Driven music coming on the 23rd and 24th February. Friday night sees the spring edition of the fabulous Northen Soul/Motown night with DJs Artanis, plenty of room for dancin. On Saturday Re-start make a welcome return tae the Hoose, with their homage to the Kinks, The Who, The Jam, Small faces etc a brilliant weekend oot in the Hoose. Oh! Drinks promos!
Right you lager drinking folks, we have just installed Belhaven’s premium lager. Its called Saltire 4%, no sure if you’ll like it? Tell ye whit, come in and buy a pint of your regular lager, (mind Carling is £2.75 a pint), and get a free wee glass of Saltire for you to see for yourself what a fine brew this is!! We are aff wir heid gien drink away eh?
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Renfrewshire to receive £101,000 for language learning

Renfrewshire schools will be allocated over £100,000 this year to support pupils learning additional languages, the Scottish Government announced today.

The news has been welcomed by Renfrewshire MSP Derek Mackay.

A lack of language skills has been estimated to cost Scottish businesses hundreds of millions of pounds a year in lost exports.

The Scottish Government funding will enable every primary school pupil to start learning an additional language in Primary 1 and a second additional language by Primary 5, and for language learning to continue to the end of S3. This includes Mandarin, Gaelic and British Sign Language as well as European languages.

There has been a sustained increase in language Highers and skills-based qualifications in recent years and the Scottish Government’s continued investment will build on this success, ensuring the workforce has the right skills to make the most of international economic opportunities.

Renfrewshire will receive £101,000 of the Government’s £3m fund.

Renfrewshire North & West MSP Derek Mackay said:

“Learning languages in today’s world is becoming more vital than it was when I was a kid.

“In the modern global market place, employers strongly favour candidates with language skills. We want to ensure young Scots have these skills, and that is why introducing school children to languages at a young age and helping them to foster a long-lasting love of languages is vital.

“I am delighted that Renfrewshire will receive just over £100,000 from this year’s budget for this, showing yet again that in Government the SNP are putting the future of our children and young people first.”

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Memories of Auld Paisley Wed 28th Feb Paisley Museum 7-8.30