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Paisley Town Centre from the eye of a drone

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Cropped World 4k videos Paisleysurrounding areas

Paisley abbey-4k
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Paisley Marketing

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Cropped World 4k Videos Paisley and Surrounding Areas

glenn falls
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Cropped World 4k Videos of Paisley and Surrounding Areas

Paisley abbey-4k
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Landmarks across the West of Scotland light up for Paisley 2021

Local authorities across the West of Scotland have united in a strong show of support for Paisley’s bid to become UK City of Culture in 2021.

Paisley 2021 - Paisley Town Hall (2)

The eight local authorities which form the Glasgow City Region joined in with two days of public demonstrations to show their support for the Paisley 2021 bid.

On Monday night, a number of iconic and landmark buildings across the West, lit up in Paisley 2021 colours. The dazzling show of support included The SSE Hydro, Hamilton Town House, Barrhead Foundry, Titan Crane, Beacon Arts Centre in Greenock and Paisley Town Hall.

The symbolic show of support underlines the positive impact of Paisley winning the bid to become UK City of Culture in 2021 would have for the whole City Region. Paisley becoming UK City of Culture in 2021 would attract many thousands of additional visitors and place an international cultural spotlight on the West of Scotland once again.

The Paisley 2021 bid aims to show the breadth and depth of Renfrewshire’s cultural assets, value of its heritage and its potential for economic social and cultural regeneration.

Culture stimulates and reflects economic growth, social confidence and cohesion – objectives mirrored by the Glasgow City Region City Deal’s 26 projects which will be delivered across the three themes of; infrastructure, skills and employment, and innovation and business growth.

This message was further enforced when the Leaders from all eight City Region member authorities gathered in Glasgow City Chambers this afternoon (Tuesday 16th) in a further show of support for the Paisley 2021 bid. The eight member authorities are: East Dunbartonshire Council, East Renfrewshire Council, Glasgow City Council, Inverclyde Council, North Lanarkshire Council, Renfrewshire Council, South Lanarkshire Council and West Dunbartonshire Council.

Their joint aim is to create a Scottish powerhouse seen as one of Europe’s leading destinations of choice for residents, businesses, visitors and investors. Paisley’s prominent bid to UK City of Culture in 2021 epitomises those strategic aims, as it celebrates its rich textiles heritage while looking forward to a future built on innovation, enterprise, talent and community.

Councillor Mark Macmillan, Leader of Renfrewshire Council, said: “We would like to thank our City Region partners for this significant show of support and their full backing of Paisley’s bid to become UK City of Culture in 2021. The City Deal will be transformational, changing not only the physical and social landscape but also how we, as partners, work together across the region.

“This commitment to support Paisley 2021 shows this is already happening and delivering benefits for all member authorities. Paisley’s name was once carried around the world by the Paisley Pattern and now, through the Paisley 2021 bid, we can again come to international prominence, helping to attract visitors and investment from around the globe to the West of Scotland.”

Councillor Frank McAveety, Leader of Glasgow City Council and Chair of the City Region Cabinet, said: “We are pleased to be supporting Paisley, our neighbour,  in its ambitious and innovative bid to become UK City of Culture in 2021.

“The UK City of Culture title will bring worldwide attention and a programme of high profile events, creating a wealth of economic benefits and international cultural connections across the West of Scotland region, including Glasgow.”

The Paisley 2021 bid aims to transform the town and Renfrewshire’s future by using its unique cultural and heritage offering as the home of the Paisley Pattern and one-time centre of the global textile industry.

Bids are expected to be lodged with the UK Government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport in Spring 2017.

Cllr Eddie McAvoy, Leader of South Lanarkshire Council, said: “We wish Paisley good luck in its bid to become UK City of Culture in 2021. The UK City of Culture title would bring international attention and a programme of massive UK-wide events, creating economic benefits across the West of Scotland region, including South Lanarkshire.”

Councillor Martin Rooney, Leader of West Dunbartonshire Council, said: “As a Council we are dedicated to improving the wellbeing of our communities and improving economic growth. Delivering high-quality arts and cultural opportunities is key to achieving that.

“That’s why we are delighted to back Paisley’s bid to be UK City of Culture in 2021, which will showcase on a national scale the varied and exciting cultural opportunities and rich heritage that our area and its surroundings have to offer.”

Councillor Stephen McCabe, Leader of Inverclyde Council, said: “Paisley 2021 is an ambitious bid and I have no hesitation in supporting it. As our neighbour and city region partner, Renfrewshire Council should be congratulated on building a campaign which can only serve to remind people of the strong cultural connections in Paisley and in the wider city region area.

“I would encourage everyone in Inverclyde to back the bid and show your support for Paisley 2021.”

Councillor Jim Logue, Leader of North Lanarkshire Council, said: “We are fully behind Paisley’s bid to be UK City of Culture in 2021. The collaboration we have between the councils as part of the Glasgow City Region City Deal shows what can be achieved when we work together.

“Significant elements of culture are shared between Paisley and the towns and villages of North Lanarkshire. It’s also important to understand that culture can stimulate the economy across the Glasgow City Region and that is good for everyone.

“I wish Paisley every success and have no doubt at all that the bid will be an outstanding one.”

Councillor Rhondda Geekie, Leader of East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “We’re delighted to support our City Deal partners, Renfrewshire Council in their Paisley 2021 bid to become UK City of Culture and wish them every success.  Celebrating culture is a key stimulus for growth and Paisley 2021 is entirely in keeping with our wider aspirations and plans across the Glasgow City Region.”

Councillor Jim Fletcher, Leader of East Renfrewshire Council, said: “We wish Paisley all the very best in its bid to become UK City of Culture in 2021. Partnership working is clearly the watchword for all stakeholders in the Glasgow City Region and whatever success Paisley enjoys would be a huge boost to neighbouring local authorities.

“I have been watching the media coverage of Paisley’s campaign with interest and truly believe that not only do they have a fantastic story to tell, but they have great people to tell it.”

For more information on Paisley 2021, visit, like /Paisley2021 on Facebook or follow @Paisley2021 on Twitter and Instagram.

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2016 Paisley Pipe Band Championships Video and Photographs

Now in its seventh year, Paisley Pipe Band Championships will see some of the top pipe bands from Scotland and beyond compete in the heart of the historic town centre – and the Johnstone Pipe Band were crowned winners.

This year’s chieftain is Renfrewshire Depute Provost John Caldwell.

Bands will marched down the High Street, through the final tuning area at The Cenotaph, to the competition arena in County Square.

The massed bands and presentation of prizes was in County Square at 5.30pm.

The event is run by Renfrewshire Council and is in partnership with the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association, Glasgow and West of Scotland Branch.

Competition judges are Donald McPhee, Ronnie McShannon (piping), Arthur Cook (drumming) and James Campbell (ensemble).

All photographs and video created for by Cameron Pollock

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Paisley Pattern Launch SpaceX CRS 9

andy campbell

Paisley Pattern conquers world…then is launched into space!

The Paisley Pattern has already carried the name of its home town around the globe – now it’s going out of this world.

Andy Campbell takes us through his experience of the Falcon SpaceX Launch the other night.

Read more about this fascinating story and accomplishment, well done Andy…

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Gavin Newlands votes against Trident renewal

cnd march


Gavin Newlands, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, will today (Monday) vote against the UK renewing its fleet of Trident nuclear weapons.

The new Prime Minister Theresa May is asking MPs to vote on whether or not construction work for replacing the fleet of nuclear submarines at Faslane at a cost of up to £205 billion should go ahead.

Trident is opposed by the Scottish Parliament, 57 of Scotland’s 59 MPs, churches, the STUC and civic society, yet the UK Government is intent on basing another generation of nuclear weapons in Scotland’s waters for another fifty years.

cnd marchGavin Newlands said: “My constituents should be in no doubt that I’ll be voting against wasting over £200 billion on this moral obscenity.

“At a time of Tory austerity, when in communities all over Renfrewshire and across Scotland there are children going to bed hungry, it is absurd to waste hundreds of billions on outdated nuclear weapons that we don’t want, don’t need, and could never use.

“I won’t stand by while this government and its supporters treat these families with contempt and spend our money on something completely abhorrent and unnecessary in the modern world.”