Are you interested in learning some basic British Sign Language? Learning a new language is always a great idea that can benefit you in many ways.W e are running various classes in Renfrewshire and the surrounding area. If you would be interested in joining us in a fun, safe and relaxed environment, you will get the chance to work with our Deaf BSL tutor Graham and Communication support worker David who will ensure flowing communication all round.

british sign language

You will learn about the basics of this beautiful language while finding out much more about deaf culture. These classes are designed for people that haven’t studies BSL before and to give you a taste of the language. There are no qualifications, so there are no exams, so you get to learn at your own pace without any pressure Just click on the link below and sign up for a new block of classes. We can’t wait to see you all. Please try and encourage as many people to come along as you can. Please feel free to share this post far and wide


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