Local voters are being encouraged to ensure they are registered to vote ahead of the local council elections in Renfrewshire on Thursday 5 May 2022.

There will be 43 councillors elected across 12 ward areas and those elected will represent Renfrewshire for the next five years.

Polling will take place on 5 May between 7am and 10pm, with the votes then counted and the results announced on Friday 6 May at the Lagoon Leisure Centre.

In order to take part in the election, voters must be registered by Monday 18 April, including anyone who has never voted before, has recently moved house or has changed their name.

Key deadlines that voters should be aware of include:

  • Register to vote – Monday 18 April
  • Applying for new postal or postal proxy votes – Tuesday 19 April (5pm)
  • Applying for new proxy votes – Tuesday 26 April (5pm)
  • Polling Day – Thursday 5 May
  • Applying for an emergency proxy vote – Thursday 5 May (5pm)
  • Replacement lost or spoilt postal votes – Thursday 5 May (10pm)
  • Verification and count – Friday 6 May

In this election, anyone over 16 can vote, as can refugees and other foreign citizens living in Scotland who have leave to enter or remain in the UK, or do not need such permission.

Alan Russell, Returning Officer for Renfrewshire, said: “It’s extremely important that everyone ensures that they are registered to vote before the deadline of Monday 18 April as this will ensure they have the opportunity to have their say on who will represent them for the next five years.

“You can also register for a postal vote where you can vote in advance of polling day, a proxy vote where someone else votes on your behalf but be assured that our polling stations will be safe places for you to vote in-person on the day.”

For more information about the election and to register to vote, you can visit www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/council-elections-2022.


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