Research reveals that Instagram is becoming more and more popular every day. This is because this platform supports all kinds of industries, including the travel sector.

In our fast-paced world of insta-everything, people are quickly choosing where they go based on how vacation worthy it looks on IG. From the Medieval looking castles in England to the cityscapes of New York City, you’ll find all kinds of pictures on the gram. 

If you’re building a trendy travel profile on Instagram, it’s only normal that you find and post the best locations around the world. 

In case you’re wondering what great places to post on your Instagram, here is a list of amazing options that will attract engagement on your feed this year. These are Instagram-worthy places. 

1. Duomo di Milano – Milan, Italy 

If we look beyond the ancient city of Rome and the narrow canal in Venice, one other place holds plenty of appeal. The amazing Duomo di Milano cathedral in the heart of Milan offers one of the best Instagram-worthy places in Italy. 

You can’t visit this place and not take a photo. The construction of the church goes as far back as the 1300s – sounds unreal right? It is the second-largest cathedral in the world. 

Loads of tourists visit this location in Milan with their camera-ready every year. 

2. Ancient Ruins – Tulum, Mexico 

Talk about a blogger’s paradise – that’s the town of Tulum in Mexico. You’ll find trendy cafes and restaurants in this naturally beautiful town, including the “Ancient Ruins” of Tulum. 

Tulum’s ancient ruins are found on a cliff overlooking the lovely blue waters of the Caribbean coastline. This is a snap-worthy scene because of its peaceful atmosphere and exquisite views. 

It is a great place to post on Instagram because it’s known for its peculiar white clear blue waters, and white-sand beaches. There are also natural swimming pools in the jungles, and you’ll find cliff-hanging ancient ruins around.

3. Matterhorn Mountain – Zermatt, Switzerland 

The Matterhorn Mountain site is one of the most eye-catchy Instagram-worthy places in the world. While it’s not the tallest mountain, it stands out with its rugged pyramid-like shape.  

This absolute beauty of a mountain in Zermatt is one of Switzerland’s most photographed mountains to date. It’s such a great spot for taking amazing Instagram photos. 

If you’re looking for special snow-peaked mountains to post on your Instagram feed, look no further than Matterhorn Mountain. The beautiful view is sure to attract attention to your page.

4. Goreme Valley – Cappadocia, Turkey

If you look closely, you will see photos of the magical destination of Cappadocia flying all over your Instagram feed. It’s a great place to post because of its rocky landscape and picturesque valleys. 

Imagine a place where you can rise into the clouds in a hot air balloon? That’s Cappadocia in Turkey. Experiencing this fun-filled activity will have you taking pictures for the gram. 

The Cappadocia attraction is worth the hype as it is diverse with many mountainous plains. It lies in eastern Anatolia in the central region of Turkey. It is a great visitors attraction and you’ll enjoy your time there.  

As seen in some parts of Greece, this city sparkles at sunset. You will also get to experience an amazing landscape view of the beautiful city while riding in the hot air balloons. 

Cappadocia is not far from the great city of Istanbul, so ensure you add it to your bucket list. 

5. Gardens by the Bay – Singapore 

The colorful buildings and towering high rises at “Gardens by the Bay” in Singapore are second to none in aesthetics. This is a 250-acre garden sanctuary located in the heart of Singapore. 

This amazing cloud forest is a great place to snap Instagram-worthy pictures. Aside from the colorful gardens, this misty forest features the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. 

Posting this place on your feed will help you gain loads of Instagram likes in 2022. 

6. Miracle Garden – Dubai, UAE 

It’s not news that Dubai is one of the sunniest places in the world. What makes this place special is the skyscraper buildings and luxurious shopping malls spread all over the city. 

Instagram lovers will find several amazing spots to take pictures for the gram whenever they visit. But, the real question to ask is – where are the top Instagram spots in the city?  

Most people will mention Burj Khalifa and Medinat Jumeriah Resort. While those are great spots, the Miracle Garden of flowers is the best place to post for your anticipating audience.

7. Castelo de Sao Jorge – Lisbon, Portugal 

Set on a mountain hill, the coastal city of Lisbon is full of visual wonders. No wonder it keeps gaining recognition amongst Instagram lovers as you can tell by the city’s hashtag use. 

This ancient city with an iconic landmark is a great place to post on your Instagram feed. The city of Lisbon is one of Europe’s cosmopolitan cities. It is colorful and vibrant. 

The Castelo de Sao Jorge is the most popular tourist attraction in Lisbon. It features museums, battlements, fascinating archeological sites, and yellow vintage cobblestones on the streets.

8. Cano Cristales Red River – Meta, Colombia 

One of the best places to post on your Instagram stories is the red river of Cano Cristales. Visiting this magical river in Colombia will offer you a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  

This river looks like a real-life painting with surroundings that will leave you astonished. You basically have to see it to believe it. It is a river strongly impacted by the change in weather. 

This stunning biodiverse place is located in La Macarena National Park. If there’s only one place to post on your Instagram page, it has to be the most beautiful river in the world. 

9. London Eye – London, United Kingdom 

If you look away from the ancient castles, green waterfalls, rocky countryside; the mega-metropolis of London will appeal to you as a great place to post on your Instagram page. 

There are hundreds of amazing Instagram-worthy spots in the UK, but the London Eye (also known as the Millennium Wheel) is a top place to take pictures for Instagram posts. 

This place is situated on the South Bank of the River Thames in London. It is recorded that this place welcomes over 3-million visitors annually, making it the most attractive tourist site.

10. Atlanta Rainbow Crosswalk – Georgia, USA 

To wrap things up, let’s walk down memory lane for the final place to post on Instagram. 

The city of Atlanta features an amazing rainbow crosswalk on Piedmont Avenue. These bright and beautiful rainbow stripes make this place a great spot to take Instagram-worthy photos.

While this crosswalk signifies the memorial for the Pulse nightclub shooting, it became a major tourist attraction as it symbolizes the strength and togetherness of the LGBTQ community. 

It’s a great place to be if you’re in the USA. And, an even greater place to post on Instagram.


The list of great places to post on your Instagram can go on and on. But let’s wrap it up here. 

You can take your Instagram posts to the next level by sharing photos from these great places. 

There are hundreds of other great places to post on your Instagram but the ones mentioned in this post are the best ones in 2022. Post any of these great places and watch the likes rolling in.