Jewelry business is becoming more and more properious and profitable these years with women’s avid chase of beauty and charm. According to the latest market research, the value of jewelry market is going to grow up to 300 billion USD by 2025. Lots of business owners and entrepreneurs especially from the U.S. market noticed this tremendous business opportunity and initiated the action to enter the buying wholesale jewelry for resale business field.  So are you interested in knowing more about this newly developed business opportunities? And how JewelryBund, a world wholesale jewelry leader, helps U.S.  and worldwide boutiques owners and jewelry resellers achieve business success? Great, I am here to talk about it in detail. So let’s get started.

Established in 2008, JewelryBund Inc. revolutionized the business of providing high-quality fashion jewelry and accessories for the sole purpose of resale. Starting a jewelry business can be challenging, especially when it comes to the reliable jewelry product supply chain. The traditional way to negotiate with manufacturers for purchasing physical jewelry items is out of dated. Retailers and business owners have never had the luxury of buying their stock entirely online for fear of having an inventory that was not appropriately estimated. However, all these obstacles are resolved by the emergence of JewelryBund.

JewelryBund is a professional jewelry and accessories manufacturing and wholesale business, providing thousands of quality jewelry and accessories to customers around the world. They constantly research the American , Europen and Asian jewelry market and consumer needs to identify the latest fashions and trends in Western and Korean jewelry products and related accessories, so jewelry resellers can always purchase the latest fashion jewelry and accessories at one-stop to cater to their clients’ jewelry demands which renders great value and convenience to all types of jewelry buyers.

The Jewelry Bund team updates the latest jewelry items in a timely manner so that customers can always find valuable brand-new jewelry products when they visit the site. In addition, JewelryBund owns several factories around the world to manufacture the latest fashion jewelry and therefore preserves the most efficient way of offering fashion items at the lowest factory prices.

Therefore, JewelryBund is the No.1 source of world-class jewelry products for jewelry buyers and resellers at the best wholesale prices according to many jewelry businesses review and evaluation websites/media such as American Express, Lovetoknow and

Best Companion of Every Fashion Boutique Owner

So why is Jewelry Bund is the best friend for every boutique and shop owner? Let us explore more for details of the reason.

In addition to the lowest possible wholesale prices on the market, there is much more to JewelryBund than meets the eye.

The goal of this manufacturer is to go above and beyond for its customers. For JewelryBund, producing high-quality products at the best prices is one of the many anchors to build a proper foundation of trust and excellence with their customers, however, they also prefer to grow together with their buyers and clients by offering only quality jewelry and service for a mutual success.

It’s all about the extraordinary service that JewelryBund offers. That’s why the company is so popular with business people who have their own offline fashion boutiques or stores on online platforms like Amazon, Etsy or eBay. JewelryBund has a dedicated team to help with jewelry buyers, they have a U.S. customer service number that buyers can call or text whenever they have an issue or question. JewelryBund offers the best business support service that provides extra focus on start-up businesses to ensure that they succeed through JewerlyBund’s products.

Not only that, but the goal of JewelryBund is to make every part of your transaction with them easy and as much hassle-free as possible. In this way, customers will be assisted at every step of the way, with JewelryBund’s well-trained professional customer service team to help for resolving any queries and issues.

Provide the Hottest Trends Jewelry

In an incredibly competitive market now and  JewelryBund understands the importance of being at the forefront of fashion trends so that its clients can be at the forefront of jewelry stores and boutiques. Each piece produced under the JewelryBund has the support of careful market and customer research to identify all the hottest needs and desires of fashion when it comes to U.K., U.S. and European high fashion jewelry trends.

JewelryBund also maintains an active connection with end users and influencive players of the industry such as jewelry lovers, KOLs of the fashion jewelry world and major jewelry designers so that they can obtain the first-hand information about the latest and hottest trends for design and production.

Under the brand, product catalogs are refreshed daily to accomplish this goal. JewelryBund jewelry designs are constantly being added to capture new market trends while old ones are phased out to ensure that everything purchased by clients is competitive and marketable in the market. For instance, you may find out tons of high fashion earrings styles in the market nowadays, and you do want to find out where is the original source for buying such wholesale earrings. Bingo! You probably will find the preferred latest and hottest earrings designs at JewelryBund.

Relieve Pressure from Resellers’ Shoulder

Setting up and running a jewelry business is a challenge, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

No worries that your shipment will arrive late, or your order is not what you indicated. This is a huge burden-off for jewelry business owners who are working with many customers and many other issues and usually do not have time to inspect every single item on the package. With JewelryBund, your job will be much easier regarding the logistics of your purchased stocks and inventories.

Since JewelryBund has partnered with major carriers around the world such as UPS, DHL, USPS, EMS, and more, there are plenty of ways for you to choose how your packages will reach you easily. Each item is professionally packaged according to its highest quality by trained warehouse personnel to ensure that your jewelry comes safe and with highest quality.

Also, JewelryBund quality control staffs will check each product quality discreetly, so as to render the perfect quality wholesale jewelry pieces to buyers which will save much effort and time on buyers side.

Trusted by 80000+ Buyers for Jewelry Success

In addition to having the best products on the market with the best prices, the JewelryBund is also highly regarded because of the company’s robust and positive record of maintaining strong relationships with customers. JewelryBund helps its 80000+ satisfied clients achieved the success of jewelry resale business by fulfilling orders and providing professional service and support at all times since 2008 through its live chat, email, and official community pages.

Despite being a large company, JewelryBund values ​​every startup business of all sizes and provides every manageable support to secure its client’s success. In addition, the company goes beyond the basic sources of customer support. JewelryBund also offers business support services for entrepreneurs who plan to start their own online jewelry business on eBay, Etsy and Amazon.

It is easy to find many JewelryBund’s buyers positive reviews and feedbacks online on famous review platforms such as Trustpilot or Provenexpert, most of them are long term jewelry wholesale purchasers with the company and they showed their satisfaction about the received products and interests for continuely buying from JewelryBund.

Other Merits of JewelryBund

JewelryBund innovatively and effectively transforms the scene of manufacturing and wholesale. The business allows its customers to browse, order, and receive items directly from factory sources without having to travel personally to communicate with the jewelry manufacturers and vendors.  This is a huge adavatange especially during the special time of COVID-19 pandemic.

All items sold on the company’s website are owned and manufactured by JewelryBund, making quality control more efficient and effective. Jewelry sellers can buy all on-demand jewelry items at one stop and without worrying about potentially annoying multi-round negotiations with many sellers which will be the common cases for wholesale procurements on traditional B2B platforms.

Consistency is highly valued in the product, making it suitable for re-branding and reselling. JewelryBund fully guarantees the ability to resell high-quality fashion and jewelry items by its own products. Even without a physical evaluation of the customer, the quality remains the same for continuous bulk purchases.

Customization is available for jewelry products. Since the business is the direct manufacturer of the wholesale jewelry products, jewelry buyers can enjoy the vantage of customizing the jewelry for resale, JewelryBund do offer label and design customization service which make resellers’ own brands development possible and accessible.


All in all, JewelryBund is a world leading and innovative jewelry and accessories wholesale business which supplies its jewelry products worldwide and has its major success for supporting global boutique owners and resellers. Their incredible jewelry sourcing and wholesale platform assists many jewelry resellers around the world to easily find the premium jewelry stock at affordable factory prices for making great profits and bring their business to the next level of further development. With the rise of online wholesale shopping and procurement, the company is on its track to become one of the best manufacturers and wholesalers in the global jewelry industry.