Updates from Dee Dental Paisley this week:- Busy bees treating all NHS emergencies and also privately we have been rejuvenating faces, placing lots of Invisalign/braces, smile makeovers, whitening with guaranteed results and implant restoring!

  1. Proud sponsors at St Mirren football club this time we are sponsoring for Nathan Sheron’s home shirt for this season 2020/21   @smfc_news
  2. The refurbishment awaits you all with the new dentist starting on Tuesday with us! We are online for those pesky toothache appointments that happen after working hours Go online at deedentalpaisley.co.uk and click book now! Free Brace consultations with Dinah still ongoing and free bonding with every Invisalign case
  3. Another beautiful transformation achieved within 14 weeks with invisalign at Dee Dental Paisley remember we are still doing free consultations and free bonding with every @invisalign case
  4. Beautiful wrinkle-free foreheads achieved after one “magic rejuvenator” treatments as I call it- Message us to see what we did 💉🔥

    Still offering a whole host of rejuvenating treatments at Dee Dental Paisley- book today we can’t wait to meet you! 😍

  1. If you could change one thing about your teeth what would it be? 
Well, we took a poll!

People in overwhelming amounts asked for whiter teeth!

Three things you need to look for with a whitening treatment is:-

  1. Guaranteed results
  2. No changes to your diet (I mean who wants to quit coffee for two weeks?)
  3. Everlasting effects! Look no further than *ENLIGHTEN* available at our practice to give you that whiter smile and make you feel more confident! Contact us today to book in for £23/month (on interest-free finance over 2 years)


6) Brand new purification system put in place to keep our patients safe! The quality of the air in a dental surgery is a hot topic right now! One mouth can be host to over 350 kinds of bacteria but this wonderful purification system will eliminate contaminants in the room, quickly and effectively.

Completely safe to drill and fill (privately) contact us today to add yourself to our system to register!


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