The seaside town of Swanage is an increasing favourite of real estate companies. The stunning location of this town, together with the close proximity of the sea, makes it a dream destination for tourists. And investors are seeing the opportunity to buy apartments and houses and rent them out to visitors who want to experience all the wonders of this beautiful town.


Here are some of the types of properties you can buy in this town.

1. Detached house

Imagine living in a secluded house enclosed by trees and a swimming pool in your front yard. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? This property can be yours if you spend about £1,140,000. With five large bedrooms, a huge swimming pool, energy-efficient PV panels, a landscaped garden, twin garages and sweeping views of the hills, this is nothing short of heavenly. These properties are rare, but you can get hold of one if you manage to make a deal with the right real estate company.

2. Beach house

Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy a beach-side house with an open terrace? Swanage Bay is full of beach houses with stunning views across the Old Harry Rocks or overlooking The Downs. According to Swanage News, there is a rising demand for properties along Swanage Bay primarily because of its location. Homeowners often rent these properties to tourists to capitalize on their investment. Plus, these houses have high resale value. From spacious bedrooms to huge balconies giving a clear view of the sea, these homes make every penny count.


Whether it’s a quiet, peaceful place you’re looking for, set back in the hills with lots of privacy, or something with a bit more of a buzz and right by the beach, Swanage seems to have it all when it comes to finding that dream property.


Now that you know some of the popular properties available in Swanage, get in touch with a real estate company, and settle a price for the house you want to buy.



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