The light in me acknowledges the light in you, or Namaste, for short.
How are we all this week? As we move into summer, late nights, warmer weather, a chance to connect more with others and with ourselves, in theory anyway, even if the weather doesn’t quite agree.
Anyway, as Sir Billy Connelly would say, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, put your coat on and shut up”. Probably.

In seasonal yoga we talk about the organs that are connected with the various seasons of the year, for early summer (21 May to 21 June) the organs are the pericardium and the triple heater.

Have you just made up a season, and an organ? you may ask, no, I haven’t, honest it’s a thing.

The triple heater is the name given to the connective tissues of the body, the fascia, microfascia, tendons, cartilage and all the other wee gristly bits that hold the body together.

Like the sma’ shot, the tiny threads that hold woven fabric together, the triple heater holds the body together, muscles are attached to tendons which attach to cartilage which attaches to bone, without that connection you can flex all you like but nothing’s going to move.

So, why are you telling us all this, weirdo, you ask, again, interrupting me.

This is the season of connecting, see, connection, connecting, connectivity – there is a point to this.

Holding poses for longer periods in yoga strengthens and lubricates the fascia, the muscles are encouraged to switch off and allow the tendons etc to get a good stretch and their own turn at the synovial fluid that oils up the movements of the body, without that fluid, connections become adhesions, things that should slide, stick, and when they stick they tear, and tearing a tendon is never good.

So keep moving, keep connecting and keep it seasonal.

See you on the mat.

Em, excuse me.. pericardium?

What, oh aye. It’s the thick bag of sinew that the heart lives in, keeping it safe and protected, it’s part of the triple heater too, see, connections!!