Here is a little photograph for you. A certain generation will remember, and probably have fond memories of, the Paisley Public Baths at the bottom of Storie Street. 

As you can see we are looking up from the bottom of Storie Street, you can see the building on the left and main entrance to the baths (just where the people are standing to the side of the car).

Unfortunately, the Public Baths were closed and demolished in the mid 1980’s as well as the buildings on the right-hand side of the street and both sites were left vacant for many years. 

The only buildings in this picture that remain are the building at the top of the street (High Street) which is now shared by a cafe, “Deli Malatso” and what was an insurance broker and the building top right, “Leisureland”.

Fortunately over the years there have been major developments, mainly by the University of the West of Scotland. From top right (next to the Leisureland building) is the University’s Students Union building – a big multi-level purple building and further down is the Paisley Shopping Centre multi-storey car park.

Also to the left, what was the Paisley Baths is now the impressive new student library complex which along with (out of shot) the new dormitories for students, which would be to the right of the picture.

The side entrance to the University also has a brand new shop called ReMode and this is what brings us to why we have combined an old photograph with the new.

ReMode is a youth-focused organisation aiming to raise awareness of the environmental impact of the textiles industry.  They started originally in Lochwinnoch and have now opened new premises in the university in Paisley.

Both venues serve as learning hubs where local communities can access information about climate change and decide on actions they can take to tackle it.

They run a programme of free workshops and events for ages 11 up to adult, from classes in upcycling and clothing alteration, natural dyes, and screen printing to hands-on learning from local artists and makers. You can find out more about their programme of events here.

You can also visit their facebook page by visiting

We hope you liked the mix of old and new to show you exactly where ReMode is and have a wee blast of the past too.

Image of old Baths Copyright of David Douglas, modern day (right-hand side Brian McGuire) and Front entrance Copyright Danielle McGuire


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