War has ravaged Syria for 7 years. People have lived through 7 years of chaos, fear, upheaval and heartbreak. For 7 years we have watched the news reports showing chemical attacks on children, towns devastated, people starving, medical facilities destroyed and felt helpless to affect any change. But if we can do something that could make even a small difference to one person for one day, it’s worth doing.  

Claire Macaulay, founder of SAFR, said

“Scottish Action for Refugees (SAFR) collects warm winter clothes for men, women & children, personal care items and school supplies to ship out to refugee camps each year.   This year we will be working with one of our partner charities Hand in Hand for Syria, who will transport these and distribute them as part of their winterisation programme in Syria and to support schools there.”

The current campaign asks people to get involved and suggests 7 ways to help:

  1. Collect clothes

– there is a specific list of types and sizes of warm clothes and personal care items needed in the camps

  1. Help a schoolchild

– there is also a list of school supplies being collected

  1. Decorate a pencil case

– these will be given as gifts to children in schools in Syria

  1. Raise funds

– hold a cake sale, do a sponsored event, run a tombola… all to help towards shipping costs

  1. Donate money

– SAFR have a wide range of activities to help refugees both here and abroad and relies on donations to fund these

  1. Give us your time

– volunteer at one of our events or give us your expertise throughout the year

  1. Spread the word

– through word of mouth, your community or workplace, through social media

7 years of war, 7 years is too much, don’t let the children, women and men of Syria be forgotten.  Each small act adds up.

There are 7 events organised around Glasgow & the surrounding areas.  The local event is:

Renfrew Event   Saturday 16th June   11am – 2pm  

Renfrew Baptist Church, 77 Paisley Road Renfrew PA4 8LH


For more information about all the events & a full list of items being collected, please visit



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