A recent survey revealed the top places in the UK for teachers hoping to get their foot on the property ladder. Glasgow and the surrounding areas made the top 3 places where this is the easiest to achieve the goal of owning a home. It’s easy to see why, with the large city appealing to many for it’s culture, beautiful scenery and fantastic people. If you hadn’t considered this beautiful Scottish city before, you might just have a rethink about where your next career move as a teacher could be.


Recruitment specialists, Randstad recently conducted the survey looking at average salaries for teachers versus the average house prices and evaluating how long it would take to save up for a house deposit. It will come as no surprise that cities such as London and Cambridge didn’t look very favourable for teachers looking to save for their first home. However, coming in at one of the top places was Glasgow and surrounding areas.


One of the positives coming out the survey was also the commuting time for teachers in this area, being 26 minutes, which is more attractive than other commuting times in larger cities. This can be a positive benefit for many people looking to relocate as saving time on a commute can have a positive impact on your happiness outside of your job. Work life balance is something that people consider a lot when they take on a new role, especially with a role such as teaching, where the hours can sometimes stretch into the evenings, marking homework and getting ready for the week ahead, can be time consuming! So benefits such as lower commuting times can help to reduce the amount of time spent not enjoying your home life.


The average salary for teachers in Glasgow is £28,500 with the average house price at £185,700 making affording a home in the area more of a reality for most teachers. There’s plenty of reasons to consider relocating to Glasgow. Although it’s not Scotland’s capital it is the biggest city within the country, with an estimated 1.2 million people within the greater Glasgow area. With this comes a lot of opportunities, especially for teachers.


The schools within the Glasgow area are also closing the gap on ambitious targets that were previously set, the executive director for education Maureen McKenna states that “Our schools and young people should be very proud of their exam results – last year they record Glasgow’s best ever results”.


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