derek mackay MSP

Transport Bill Introduced to Parliament


Flexible options introduced to improve bus services


Double parking and parking on pavements to be Prohibited


The Transport (Scotland) Bill has been introduced to the Scottish Parliament by local MSP and Finance Secretary, Derek Mackay, alongside Transport Minister Humza Yousaf.

The Scottish Government’s Bill will bring forward the most radical measures since devolution to make Scotland’s transportation network cleaner, smarter and more accessible than ever before. It aims to empower local authorities and establish consistent standards in order to tackle current and future challenges, while delivering a more responsive and sustainable transport system for all.

Proposed measures in the Bill include:

  • Providing local authorities and Regional Transport Partnerships (RTPs) with the flexibility to improve bus services through partnership working with operators or, where there is a good case for doing so, local franchising or running services themselves.
  • Enabling the creation and decriminalised enforcement of Low Emission Zones.
  • Prohibiting double parking and parking on pavements and giving local authorities the powers needed to enforce this important change.
  • Standardising smart ticketing technology to ensure compatibility, and setting in place an advisory body to best support interoperable Scotland-wide smart ticketing.
  • Strengthening the powers of the Scottish Road Works Commissioner in order to better regulate road works.
  • Allowing RTPs to build up and carry appropriate financial reserves.

Derek Mackay said:

“This Bill reflects a period of significant public consultation and engagement. It provides the Council with the tools to address issues specific to Renfrewshire.

“We are also providing clearer options for authorities to pursue local franchising or provide services themselves in appropriate circumstances.

“The Bill will allow for decriminalised enforcement of double parking and parking on pavements. This is an issue I know is a problem in parts of Renfrewshire and has been raised with me by many constituents. This will help transform our local towns and villages into more accessible and more pleasant places to live.”

More Details of the Bill can be found at: