Plans announced for £7.2million Renfrewshire roads investment

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Plans announced for £7.2million Renfrewshire roads investment

Renfrewshire’s roads are set to undergo major transformation as the full programme of resurfacing works for 2018/19 was announced.

The £7.2million programme represents the single biggest investment in Renfrewshire’s road network and will be delivered as part of the continuing physical and economic regeneration of the area.

86 roads across the region are set to be resurfaced as part of a programme which will see every community in Renfrewshire recognise the benefit.

The resurfacing of 46 footways will also take place across the area, as well as a further 33 roads being surface dressed or patched to protect them against future deterioration.

The investment will have a particular focus on undertaking high quality repairs and includes an increased resource commitment to post-repair inspections.

Councillor Cathy McEwan, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board, said: “We recognise the importance of the roads network to those who live and work in Renfrewshire and have designed a programme that ensures every community will see a benefit in their area.

“This is the single biggest investment this Council has ever made in our roads and outlines our commitment to providing a network that is fit for purpose.

“We will ensure that high quality repairs are a key focus of the programme and are investing in a robust inspection system to ensure this investment makes a tangible difference and the quality of our roads continues to improve throughout 2018/19.”

The resurfacing work will be complimented by an ongoing programme of pot hole repairs which will ensure the roads network remains operational following the impact of unprecedented severe weather over the winter.

For further information on the 2018/19 roads programme, visit


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