Children and young people are having fun with numbers this week as Maths Week Scotland begins.

Schools, early years centres and libraries will be hosting innovative and engaging number-themed activities across the week to show that maths can be fun.

Kids at Hugh Smiley Early Learning and Childcare Centre were the first to take part in a numeracy-led activity.

They popped onto the Skoobmobile for a special Bookbug on stories and songs about numbers, such as ‘ten in a bed’ and ‘five little monkeys’.

Maths Week Scotland is a new national awareness initiative that aims to put numeracy in a positive light and highlight the benefits, joy and beauty of maths in exciting new ways.

Making maths interesting for children and tying it into everyday activities is a significant step forward in putting numeracy on the same level of important as literacy, ultimately improving numeracy levels across the board.

Councillor Jim Paterson, Renfrewshire Council’s Convener of Education and Children’s Services, joined the kids on the Skoobmobile. He said: “Numeracy is important for everyone. Here in Renfrewshire, we want every child to have the best start in life and reach their full potential, regardless of their background.

“Adults often say “I’m rubbish at maths”. Parents don’t realise how much of an affect that can have on their child’s development.

“It’s time to have fun with maths in the same way we all enjoy reading. During Maths Week Scotland, schools and early learning centres will be getting creative with numbers.

“Renfrewshire is ambitious for its children and young people. We’ve seen the benefits of taking a new approach to literacy with the Renfrewshire Literacy Approach, in conjunction with Strathclyde University. Literacy and numeracy have equal importance in terms of how children learn and we are determined that all children’s numeracy levels are further enhanced through our programmes in schools and early years centres.”

Parents who want to get involved in Maths Week Scotland can visit Renfrewshire Libraries and pick up bedtime stories about counting or sign up their child to a coding club.

To find your nearest library, visit