24th June Saturday night its shufflin time. Great sounds from the “wheels of steel” playing all your Northern Soul and Motown favourites. A fantastic night of Top Tunes.

End of term party in the Hoose on Wednesday 28th June, Music, Dancin, Singing with a free buffet for all. Kick off from 2.30pm. Keep calm its nearly the New Year!!

Hey its the Summer and that means Beach Party time in the Hoose, yep on the 1st July (Sma Shot Day) we don our swim wear and dance among the palm trees and umbrellas in the Hoose. Great deals on Cocktails and Spirits as well as Pints. Dinny miss a fantastic night oot in the Party Hoose on the High Street. aloha!!

“Hoose Hawfs” (35ml) and dash for only £2.50. Yep a measure of finest Whisky or Vodka with a dash of mixer, great deals on food and drink in oor Hoose.