Plans to deliver ‘transformational change’ in the West End of Paisley through major investment in new homes will be considered by councillors next week.

The draft Paisley West End Regeneration Masterplan will be presented at the Council meeting on Thursday 20 April, 2017.

It aims to integrate the West End further in the regeneration of Paisley Town Centre and improve it as a place to live and operate a business.

The masterplan sets out proposals for around 150 new homes to provide a mix of private and social housing. New commercial units are also being considered in the proposals, subject to demand.

The area under consideration covers Well Street, Underwood Lane, Clavering Street East, Sutherland Street, Oakshaw Brae and West Brae.

It currently contains low demand tenement flats and commercial premises around Well Street as well as the former University of the West of Scotland halls of residence and surplus undeveloped land.

Proposals would see demolition of the existing tenement flats on the east side of Well Street and commercial ground floor properties in the tenement blocks as well as vacant residential blocks on Clavering Street East.

Residents affected by demolition would be assisted by the Council to find alternative accommodation to suit their requirements.

Council officers would also work with affected business owners and tenants to determine their preferences and potentially source available alternative premises which meet their aspirations.

Clearance of the vacant former University residences and relocation of community growing areas on Sutherland Street – redeveloping these sites for housing – also form part of the proposals.

If approved, the plans would be progressed for public consultation in June 2017, which would see extensive engagement with affected tenants, residents, businesses, landowners and any other interested parties.

All tenants and property owners would be contacted directly and offered an individual face-to-face meeting to discuss their thoughts on the proposals as well as being invited to drop-in consultation events at local community venues.

Discussions would also take place with Paisley West and Central Community Council, Paisley West End Tenants and Residents Association, University of the West of Scotland, private landowners and any other interested groups.

Costs to deliver the masterplan are being developed and will be informed through the consultation process and site investigations of the undeveloped land. Scottish Government grant support for the project would be brought forward through Renfrewshire’s Strategic Housing Investment Plan (SHIP), which includes a £10 million provisional allowance.

Councillor Mags MacLaren, SNP Housing Spokesperson, said:

“I welcome this long-awaited proposal as it will result in improved housing within Well Street and the West End of Paisley. “This proposal has been on the table for years and there is still some way to go before all the funding is secured to enable it to be completed.  However, this proposal would see new housing coming into the West End, including using the gap site behind Well Street.

Councillor Kenny MacLaren, SNP Group Leader, added:

“It’s been a while since the original proposal was put out to Sanctuary Housing to bring forward some details, so it’s good that there is now something in the public domain which residents of Well Street can look at. “Obviously, I would hope that existing council tenants and businesses would have a higher priority when it came to any new social housing and new business units within the area but in general terms the plans look promising.” Kevin McNeillie-Welsh, the secretary of Paisley West Tenants and Residents Association, said: “The redevelopment of Well Street is a major issue for us and we have been pressing the housing department to bring forward their proposals. I’m glad they’ve eventually done so as it will now give our members a chance to add their voice to the consultation process.”