We have always brought new and exciting entertainment opportunities to Paisley, so on Tuesday the 7th March,  we invite you to sit in with our Hoose Band. Play, sing, listen, dance but most of all enjoy a great night of quality entertainment.

Can you play 2 chords, or 200?   Join the Hoose band.

Can you sing, or have always wanted to sing with live musicians?  Join the Hoose band

Do you love live music and want to stomp your feet to your friends jamming along with the best talent Paisley has to offer?  Join the Hoose band.

Consider this more ‘OPEN STAGE’  than OPEN MIC, everything goes.

We kick off what is going to be the best night of live entertainment in Paisley in Hamishes Hoose.  On Tuesday 7th March, and we know that the band members that come to launch night will be back every week.  Just in case that guy played the Romanian national anthem on toy piano comes up with something even weirder, or just because they love Katie Boyle singing timeless acoustic ballads

Live music should be fun, all inclusive, unpredictable and lively, and the Hoose band will have something for all.


 Plus we are bringing the latest dance craze in Paisley to oor Hoose when we introduce a monthly Motown/Northern Soul dance night on the 24th March.  We’ll push back the tables, clear the floor for a night of fabulous fun and exercise, of sorts.   Fabulous music and drinks promos all night.