Saturday was the most extraordinary afternoon/evening for RAMH as 35 willing volunteers took part in a Firewalk in order to raise vital funds for local mental health services.

Amanda walks on fire

The Firewalk took place at ProLife Fitness Centre in Paisley in partnership with Renfrewshire Sports Charity and Active Communities, and was hosted by Headstrong’s Brian Costello.

During the afternoon people heard about overcoming fear and channeling confidence into every part of their lives. In an incredible display of bravery, participants even snapped an arrow using their throats.

And then as darkness fell, the walkers began their preparation for walking 15 feet over glowing coals reaching temperatures of over 800C.

RAMH would like to thank each and every one of the inspirational walkers who demonstrated the utmost courage and commitment to supporting mental health by completing the firewalk. They have raised, Including Gift Aid, an incredible £6,500 for RAMH services, supporting local people recovering from mental ill health.

RAMH send sincerest thanks to everyone who made the event a huge success and for everyone’s amazing support! The money raised will promote recovery from mental ill health and empower people to build independent, fulfilled lives.