Saint Mirin Statue Sculptor gets the recognition he deserves

I have been reading on various forums for a while (thats myself Brian McGuire owner of paisley.org.uk) that someone who had years before sent in pictures of the Saint Mirin statue being created by Sculptor Norman Galbraith outside Saint Mirin’s Cathedral, Paisley had some issues trying to get permission to display his father’s name beside the official plaque.

That man was Norrie Galbraith the son of sculptor Norman, well Norrie was getting frustrated as he was being passed from person to person, department to department without joy.

It just so happens he came into our discussion group after we had spoken about the statue and Norrie answered with a very frustrated remark.

I took it upon myself (which we often do as we are a community website serving the community as best we can) to contact Norrie and ask him for the details and see if I could help.

Norrie was simply looking for a small plaque with his 92 year old Fathers name inscribed into a small plaque next to the bigger history of Saint Mirin plaque.

Positive News
I (Brian McGuire) set to work to find the right person to speak to, Having worked alongside Renfrewshire Council for 20 years I knew who to speak to so I spoke to someone in the communications team at Renfrewshire Council that I knew could help, he said he would make sure the info would be passed to the correct person, within a few weeks I received this email from Norrie.

Hello Brian,
Just to let you know we have been to Paisley and I have installed the Plaque with Dad’s name on it and it looks great.
I have included a couple of photos of the event.
My Father is delighted, as are all his Family, it’s no more than he deserves to be recognised for his work, especially at the wonderful age of 92.
My Mother age 94 was there also, but couldn’t manage the photo, as her legs ain’t what they once were.

Can I say a great big Thanks to your good self Brian for getting involved and for getting the right person to give me permission, I couldn’t have done it without you so a big Thank You.

Kind Regards,

Norrie Galbraith

ps, the bottom picture is L to R ..Paul Galbraith son, Norman Galbraith and Norrie Galbraith son.

Fantastic news not only for Norman and his family but also goes to show how the paisley.org.uk website, not only listens its acts on things too, mostly behind the scenes but we thought we would like to show you part of what we can do.


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