Sorry no longer available due to the photographer having complaints about his footage, so we can only apologise but felt we should keep this page active to let you know what happened…

Remigiusz Latek Photography View of Paisley

Some amazing images of Paisley are not hard to come by these days but when its shot from the sky by the eye of an astonishing photographer using a drone then you sit up and take notice, the following footage comes with this intro from Remigiusz ” It has been almost 2 years since I moved to Paisley and let me be honest with you this is tough love. It’s raining nearly 20 days every month, there are some dodgy places and I must admit this town didn’t steal my heart from the beginning. But times flies so now let me show you Paisley in the way I started to look at this great town.”

Everything looks different from above.

So its testament to Remigiusz to bring this to show everyone in Paisley just how beautiful our own town looks and which we take advantage off or miss the finer points of its beauty each day. Thank you Remigiusz, you can find more of Remigiusz Latek on his Facebook Page where some of his Glencoe shots are again out of this world.