West College Scotland HND Acting and Performing Students Deliver Stellar End-of-Year Performances

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West College Scotland HND Acting and Performing Students Deliver Stellar End-of-Year Performances

West College Scotland’s HND Acting and Performing students recently delivered an exceptional showcase of their talent and hard work through their end-of-year performances. 

The highly anticipated event featured two plays: Molière’s “The Hypochondriac” and “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time,” based on the bestselling novel by Mark Haddon.

The Hypochondriac: Set in the opulence of the Roaring 20s, “The Hypochondriac” unfolds within a rich man’s lavish mansion. The story follows Argan, a wealthy man consumed by his obsession with his health. This obsession leaves him vulnerable to exploitative doctors who charge exorbitant fees for unnecessary treatments. Faced with mounting medical bills, Argan devises a plan to marry his child into a doctor’s family, hoping for free treatment. However, his child, already in love, resists the arranged marriage with the clever assistance of the butler Antoine, who aims to break the doctors’ hold over Argan. Complicating matters is Argan’s gold-digging wife, Beline, who schemes to inherit his fortune at the expense of his legal heir. Chaos ensues as Antoine’s plans start to unravel, promising a comedic and engaging performance.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time: In this poignant adaptation by Simon Stephens, the story follows Christopher Boone, a neurodivergent boy, who discovers a dead dog in his neighbourhood, unravelling a tapestry of family secrets. The play, celebrated for its humour, emotion, and insight, invites the audience into Christopher’s unique and fascinating view of the world. The production was double-cast and required students to take on various roles, showcasing their versatility and dedication. Adding a special touch to the performance was a cameo by Maggie, one of the student’s dogs.

Bonnie-blu McClure, who brilliantly portrayed Christopher, shared her experience: “Taking on the role of a boy with neurodivergence was a challenge, one that I welcomed and wanted to ensure I did justice. It required a lot of research into neurodivergence and autism to understand and accurately portray the character. We were fortunate to work with a Learner Development Step Class at the college, which greatly aided my understanding and representation of the character. It was an honour to play this part, and I hope it helps educate people more about neurodiversity and autism. Everyone has a voice and can make an impact.”

An audience member commented, “I thoroughly enjoyed the play; it was powerful, emotional, and impactful. It was a fantastic representation of autism and allowed the audience to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by those with autism and their loved ones. 

Another commented, “The students were truly fantastic, their talent and passion for performing shone through. A fantastic showcase.”

As the end of their time at college approaches, the students reflected on their journey, expressing a deep sense of love and respect for each other. They unanimously agreed that presenting their plays was a fantastic way to conclude a remarkable year.

We’ve been together now as a group for 2 years and everyone has grown massively. We’re all very supportive of one another and it’s very much been a team effort. It’s emotional to think that it’s all coming to an end.”

We wish all our students the best of luck as they embark on new endeavours in the creative industries, including further study at BA Honours degree programs across the UK.


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