Dee Dental Paisley

Updates from Dee Dental Paisley this week as we have been providing all NHS emergency care and also privately we have been rejuvenating faces, placing lots of Invisalign/braces, smile makeovers, whitening and implant restoring!

Dee Dental Paisley

  1. Looking a bit strange in our PPE but at least you can rest assured we are keeping you all safe during those aerosol procedures remember we can do a lot more privately so contact us if you are having problems and we are still doing complimentary brace consultations!

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  1. Did you know that we are offering Free composite bonding with every Invisalign case worth over 1k? Offered up to 5 years on finance also your new smile is minutes away

Customised premium care

Fewer face-to-face appointments

Less physical contact

Contact us today for your free consultation

3) After Covid-19 and lockdown you can imagine our business has been affected massively as a small new business we rely on reviews and we would appreciate if you’ve had a good experience with us if you’d write a review:- follow the link below

thank you so much in advance