Paisley Pirates have swooped into the transfer market to sign hit man Daniel Abercrombie, and the forward goes straight into the Pirates’ squad for their important home match against Kirkcaldy Kestrels this Sunday at Braehead Arena (face off 5.00pm). The 20 year old has played for both Solway and North Ayr in previous seasons, and most recently iced for Murrayfield Racers, where his goals helped propel the Edinburgh side towards the top of the Scottish National League.


“We’re delighted to be welcoming Daniel into the Pirates’ family”, said Off Ice Operations Manager Jackie Turley. “It seemed he might be having a time out from the sport for a little while at least, but we managed to talk him round into coming to Braehead and we’re confident his sniper skills will make him a potent threat in front of goal. He’s already played alongside a couple of our guys with other teams so he already knows a few of the players on the bench and while we already carry a goal threat, his potency in front of goal will increase the potential for the squad to add to its goal scoring abilities.”

She added, “We very rarely sign players just to add numbers to the squad. We have to feel that any new additions coming in will improve what we’ve already got, so by signing Daniel it makes a statement, meaning that we rate him highly and, at only 20 years of age, we’ll see how good he is when he turns out in a Pirates’ jersey. In the short term, he’ll wear the number 16 sweater, and we can look forward to seeing him adding to the calibre of our squad.”




Paisley Pirates return to action this weekend with a intriguing fixture against Kirkcaldy Kestrels, the match facing off at Braehead Arena on Sunday at 5.00pm. In the reverse clash in Fife a few weeks ago, the teams drew 5-5 in a thrilling encounter, and Off Ice Operations Manager Jackie Turley expects this weekend’s return to be no less exciting than it was first time around, when Pirates twice came from two goals behind to draw the match.

“We rarely have poor matches against the Kestrels, we seem to bring out the best in each other, which is very good news indeed for supporters of both clubs,” she said. “ We’re hoping for a big-pre Christmas crowd to turn out and cheer us on as we go head to head with Kirkcaldy. We know that they enjoy beating us as much as we like putting one over on them, so whatever the score, the fans are certain to be winners. We only beat them by the narrowest of margins towards the end of last season when we absolutely had to win to keep our league challenge going, and that was only in the last session of play, so there’s every reason to think that this year’s home game against them is going to be just as much a nail-biter. Back in the days when the Pirates played the Fife Flyers at the Lagoon, the game was always one of the ones most eagerly awaited, and the feelings are still the same when we play the Kestrels.”

“Dundee Comets lost for the fist time two weekends ago so the teams at the top end of the league are now very much bunched up, with ourselves and the Kestrels in that group, so it doesn’t take a genius to work out that every match carries a lot of significance. It’s as tight at the top end of the league as I can remember for a long time. which means that every single point gained is important.”

“We’ve got a number of local clubs and organisations taking advantage of our cut price deal on offer throughout the season, and a couple of others coming along next weekend, so we’re sure those groups will enjoy getting possibly their first experience of a night watching the Paisley Pirates in action, and make plenty of noise in support of Renfrewshire’s only senior ice hockey team.”