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Mhairi Black MP Urges Young People to Speak Up About Hate Crime

mhairi black

To coincide with National Hate Crime Awareness Week, Fearless.org is urging young people across Scotland to be fearless in speaking up about hate crime 100% anonymously.

Many young people too readily consider incidents of hate crime as ‘part of life’ or accept it as a form of bullying, often not realising that what they are witnessing or experiencing is a crime.

‘Hate crimes’ are those motivated by hostility towards a particular group based on race, religion, transgender/gender identity, sexual orientation or disability. Victims may be subjected to physical assaults or suffer damage to their property. They may also experience the threat of an attack or verbal abuse.

Hate crime is thought to be massively under-reported, which is why we are urging young people to stand up to hate by passing on to our charity their knowledge or suspicions.

Scotland has no place for hate.

SNP Spokesperson for Youth Affairs Mhairi Black MP said:

“I would like to emphasise that anyone who is a victim of, or witness to, a hate crime should challenge it. Young people can be subject to threats and attacks whether physical or verbal and fearless.org are providing a safe and anonymous way for our young people to report hate crimes.

“We must work together to stamp out hate crimes by challenging racism, homophobia, sexism and religious prejudice. Sometimes people cannot find the courage to tackle this behaviour however the anonymous service being provided by fearless.org will help to combat this.”

Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Humza Yousaf, said:

“We know that young people can sometimes be reluctant to speak out about crime that they are aware of or have witnessed.  Fearless.org plays a vital role in providing young people with a safe and totally anonymous way to do that.”

“I would encourage all young people to challenge prejudice and report hate crime should they witness or experience it.  We all must work together to make our communities more resilient, safer places to live.”

Lyndsay McDade, Scotland’s Youth Projects Officer for the charity Crimestoppers, said:

“When faced with the knowledge or suspicion about hate crime happening around them, young people often struggle with the dilemma of what to do. They can be frightened to speak up for fear of stigma or reprisal. Fearless.org gives young people a way to stand up to hate and be empowered to be fearless.”

“In 30 years, as a charity, we have always kept our guarantee that everyone who contacts us stays 100% anonymous. We never ask for personal details including your name. We can’t trace your email or IP address. Once you tap ‘submit’ you’re done. No one will ever know you contacted us.

“To target someone based on race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability is abhorrent and has a devastating impact on victims and our society.

“Scotland is full of diverse communities, vibrant cultures, rich talents and resilience – hate has no place in our country.”

If you have any information about hate crime, please report it to Fearless through the Anonymous Online Form at fearless.org

Hate Crime Scotland landing page – https://www.fearless.org/en/campaigns/scotland-hate-crime