Super-fit great-gran Jean Whelan has become a legend at the gym where she trains three times week.

The energetic 84-year-old could put many men and women half her age to shame with a workout that includes tackling a full circuit on the latest equipment around.
Jean defies the stereotype of the old age pensioner with her attitude and determination to stay forever young, fit and healthy through exercise.
Every Monday, Thursday and Friday she dons her trainers and heads to Pro-Life Fitness Centre in Paisley where she is put through her paces under the watchful eye of her champion bodybuilding son Alex – who just happens to be 62.
And she doesn’t expect or want to get off lightly as she works on the various up-to-the-minute machines to strengthen her back, arms and chest one day and legs and shoulders the next.
It is a rigorous routine but it puts a smile on her face because it’s helping her cope with life without her husband of 60 years and the loneliness that can bring – even if you have a loving caring family around you. 
Jean, who lives in a flat in the South End of the town, said: “The gym isn’t just for the young ones. It’s for people of all ages. Look at me. I’m loving it. I can’t wait to get my trainers on and head down there.
“I’m sure when some of my neighbours see me heading off with my kit they think I’m nuts but I feel good. I enjoy pushing myself and achieving what I can to the best of my abilities.
“I was diagnosed with arthritis in my back years ago and used to think I would end up in wheelchair one day but the exercises have helped with the pain and my back is improving.
“It’s not only the physical benefits of training I enjoy it’s the mental health advantages too. I lost my husband two years ago and it was awful. I missed him so much.
“I would be sitting there thinking Alex Snr should be here with me and despite all the care and attention in the world from my family I felt lonely. I was sad and could easily have just hidden away.
Jean went on: “I’m glad I didn’t. Coming down here has helped me so much. It keeps me fit, the staff and members are like one big family. I feel like the Queen some days as so many people wave to me and I wave back.
“My message to anyone out there hesitating about coming along to the gym for whatever reason – whether it’s confidence, age, weight issues, lack of fitness or ability – is forget all of that. Just take that first step.”
Well known son Alex, who opened his first gym in Espedair Street, 28 years ago, and gave over the running of Pro-Life Fitness Centre to Renfrewshire Sports Charity still volunteers there helping people of all abilities and from many different sports and none achieve their goals.
The seven times Scottish Body Building Champion and British Masters Body Building Champion, said: ”My mum works on 14 different machines using a programme specially developed for her. It’s something our trained staff  do for anyone here.
“In her case, and at her age, it is all about preventive maintenance using weight resistance equipment. She’s incredibly fit, has a smile on her face and has become a star at the gym. She really is an inspiration.
“Our doors are open to everyone-no matter age or ability- and we will give expert guidance to anyone who wants to come along and see what we’re all about. 
“There’s no pressure to be the best, to work at a certain pace, outdo anyone else. We’re here for everyone and I’m just lucky my mum is such an inspiration to everyone who walks through the doors of the centre.”
Pro-Life, based in New Sneddon Street, is offering a free day pass to any senior who would like to take that first move to a fitter, healthier, happier lifestyle. Just call 0141-889-5027 to organise.