Human error causes 94% of all car accidents according to, however, other factors such as poor road conditions and speeding also play a role. Paisley residents who know the town’s busiest roads like the back of their hand can become easily distracted behind the wheel which is why one in three accidents happen within a mile from the driver’s home. Most recently, one lucky male came close to being crushed at Station Road’s busy roundabout when a moving trailer full of manure tipped over and shed its load onto his vehicle. Thankfully, Paisley’s worse roads are to be repaired as part of a £7.2 million investment of Renfrewshire’s roads, but there are things drivers can do to maximise their safety, too.

Keep your eyes peeled

Paisley is surrounded by beautiful countryside and country roads, therefore, it’s not unusual to encounter vehicles carrying livestock and slow moving vehicles, such as tractors when you’re driving on the town’s busiest roads. You should always be aware of who you’re sharing the road with and consider that they may not be able to travel at the higher end of the speed limit. Pedestrians can also be a distraction and you may worry about whether they’re paying enough attention to the road they’re walking next to. The AA states that 70% of drivers witness pedestrians who are distracted by their smartphones step into the road. While, there is nothing you can to stop someone from walking into the road, you should adjust your speed and be vigilant when you’re passing them.

Maintain and repair 

A report from the Retail Motor Industry Federation and Scottish Motor Trade Association revealed that 91% of garages have seen an increase in the number of cars they’re seeing which have no valid MOT certificate. The annual safety check is required to ensure your car is roadworthy and safe to drive, so make sure you utilize a MOT reminder service. Many car owners simply forget or don’t have the knowledge to perform safety checks on their vehicle, but items such as your oil level and tyre tread depth should be checked regularly. When it comes to protecting yourself and your car, insurance is a must have and will safeguard you when you’re travelling on Paisley’s busy roads, so don’t forget to renew your policy.

Slow down 

According to The World Health Organisation, cutting the speed drivers travel at by 5% could reduce the number of road fatalities by as much as 30%. Drivers often misjudge stopping distance and the speed that others are travelling. On a main road, it can be tempting to put your foot down, but you never know when another vehicle is going to suddenly appear. Therefore, stay safe by monitoring your speed at all times as the penalties for speeding are severe, as Aidan Collins discovered when earlier this year he was fined £1,500 and given a three year driving ban after being caught travelling at 131 mph in Renfrewshire with a four year old passenger.

Human error plays a key factor in the number of road incidents which occur in town, therefore, it’s essential you take steps to eliminate the risk of being involved in an accident. Staying vigilant of pedestrians and other road users is a must and cutting your speed is necessary, too. And, it’s important that you keep your vehicle in a good state of repair and that regular safety checks are performed.



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